Stop The Labeling Of Children As Witches

  • by: Kelli Stowe
  • target: President Umaru Musa Yar'adua,Nigerian Children's Parliament (NCP),Christian Association of Nigeria, Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PEN)
We the undersigned urge you to come together and implement a law that would punish anyone who labels a child as a witch with intentions of harming ( Physically or mentally ) or with intentions of extortion or exploitation of any kind. It is child abuse and should not be tolerated.

Violators should be arrested, sentenced by a high counsel, jailed and prosecuted in regards to the extent of the crime. They should also be ordered to pay for the rehabilitation of the child.

Victims should be rehabilitated without being charged.

Everyone should be educated about this matter.

Children should be loved, nurtured, educated and respected. Without children the human race as we know it, would not be. Children are our future and the way they are treated affects the whole world. It is truly shameful to not stop this horrifying act on innocent children. The world is watching.

I want to let everyone know that I do not have any ties with SSN or CRARN. I do fully support them and they are truly appreciated.

This petition was written by me only and they had no influence on what I have stated in this petition.

Thank you,
Kelli Stowe


Children of Nigeria

Pictures & Stories of the Children

Children are Targets of Nigerian Witch Hunt article by Tracy McViegh

NGO's helping the children:

Child's Right and Rehabilitation Network (CRARN)

Stepping Stones Nigeria

Videos of the documentary about the children:

Saving Africa's Witch Children Part 1

Saving Africa's Witch Children Part 2

Saving Africa's Witch Children Part 3

Saving Africa's Witch Children Part 4

Saving Africa's Witch Children Part 5

Saving Africa's Witch Children Part 6

You can also write letters to this church and to the Pentecostal you can get the information here:

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