Demand to stop the Canadain seal hunt

I'm ashamed to admit that I'm a Canadian with beign that Canada has the hugest marine animal slaughter on this earth.  Canada kills roughly about 240,000 seals from lower the kill rate of seals that used to be 350,000 in 2006.
   The baby seal pups are the main target for their white coats, though they still get killed even after 12 to 25 days their white coat is gone. The law had make it illegal to kill the baby seals, though some poachers do it today. 
  Another problerm is that the seals are still getting killed by inhuman tactics of killing, by being clubed. 
   The main concern is that if there are less seals it would  damage the ecosystem.  And the seal hunt doesn't give Canada munch of a ecomic boast, expect the small towns on the east coast. 
   So lets tell Stephan Harper and his government to make more stricter laws, lower down the killings of baby seals, harsher punsiment of the killing of the baby seals, and more human ways of hunting seals. 
   If we do that, it  will be more acceptable by us Canadians, and maybe people around the world.

We Canadains feel very strongly about this seal hunt, and think it must end, or make stricter laws protecting the seals. Also if you make a harsher punsihment of the killing of  baby seals, lower down the killing of seals, and more human ways of killing seals than the hunting of seals would be less bashed againest by other countries. Also that we resprect the ways if the Inuit hunts them.
         These are our opinion and your governmeant are the only ones who could do something about it.
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