Demand Youtube to stop the snuff hunting videos!!

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YouTube Terms of Service states
"Graphic or gratuitous violence is not allowed"
"YouTube is not a shock site."

Please do watch at least one of these videos and you will see there is a whole lot of "gratuitous voilence" in hunting videos.

(Spotted Fawn spine shot for video)

These are only some of the 180 videos I have collected in my playlist.

So long as they allow hunting video to be uploaded because killing of innocent animal for "fun" and "sports" is legal, that means hunters will show video of deer and other defenseless wildlife being shot down and die a horrific death. I fight against hunting and had seen my share of the types of videos these hunters upload and its beyond disgusting, sad, horrific and downright evil.   It's not only  deer they show but  skunks, groundhogs, bears, wolves and other types of innocent animals but the deer is the most hunted and the animals they love to use for "amusement" and self gratification.  I do not want my kids going into youtube to learn that killing an innocent life for "fun" is "acceptable" and they call it a "sports".  I feel the  "sports" hunting  videos  should  hidden underground sort of like how beastiality videos would be hidden.   I will leave you a link to few of the many of videos I have found some where the deer is still alive when shot down and these people are laughing about their suffering.  Is this what we want our children to learn,  that death is "amusing"?

What we are seeing more and more is the "get back" videos where hunters will kill animals in the name of an animal right activitist, anti-hunter or anyone they do not like. Here is one we just got recently as an example.  This coward monster shoots a squirrels and make him suffer so he can video tape it to "dedicate it" to someone he does not like. Serial killers do the same thing.

The  kinds of writing I see a lot from hunters.

"Hah. I wish I could put more videos out there right now, but I dont have anything at the moment. When October comes along, you better I'll have a lot related to hunting deer with Bow and shotgun. My friend and I are going to go out and one of us hunt and the other take the vidoe. We will alternate. So maybe in october I can post a video of my first deer kill"

The videos on this petition is very disturbing but we see that alot on youtube because hunting is legal and protected by  the NRA and pro-kill Government but we must change all  that because it is going to continue to get worse. Young impressionable children can run into these videos and think to commit cruelty to animal is "ok" because its about being a "sportsman" or how about a borderline psycho  who only need to watch these animal tormented by these monsters  because deer are sometimes looked at as a  women or yearling and other young animal as a child.  These kind of video can  give them sadistic ideas and it wont be on an animal but on a women or a child.

Please sign and let youtube know  that we are fed up with legalized animal torture to be shown on youtube. Just because it's legal does not make it right!!

YouTube Terms of Service states
"Graphic or gratuitous violence is now allowed"
"YouTube is not a shock site."

You do not even follow the rule of your own "Terms of Service" because many of the hunters video are "gratuitous violence" and you continue to allow this horrible and cruel videos to uploaded and shown to youtube viewers and it's frighting because young impressionable children can easily find these and think that inflicting deliberately cruelty to animals is "fun" and part of being "sportsman". 

Recreational Hunting videos which is deliberate cruelty,should not be publicly displayed on youtube. There are far too many snuff videos uploaded by hunters and youtube is becoming a haven for sadistic humans who takes pleasure in killing animals and video taping their death. 

 The videos that is in youtube has been brought to my attention many times and even my own child and his friend talk about hunting videos and the way these animals  die. It makes my stomach sick to know that this is legal and kids think because its legal its all right to shoot down innocent animal and more "enjoyable" to video tape it to "show off" to others.
We do not want to see it and nor do many people who so love our wildlife.

We would all appreciate if you would stop showing that killing can be "fun" because its not. I find it all over under "deer" and my videos are displayed under that tag. I don't want to see or hear about "pulling the plug" on  these creatures that I love and same goes for all  hunted animals.

Thank you Sincerely,
Caroline Terrel

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