Demand Justice for Mamma pit and puppies killed by KY dog warden

NOT TO BE BELIEVED! A pregnant dog wandered out of traffic into a ladies yard. She was pregnant and delivered her puppies. The lady put a chain around her neck and immediately called animal control. The dog warden for the county, Bill Richards came and instead of helping, shot the mother in the head and killed her and then killed the puppies. He told the lady "we don't take pits". WE NOW HAVE A NAME AND DIRECT PHONE NUMBER FOR THIS MAN WHO SHOT THE MOTHER PIT BULL IN THE HEAD KILLING HER RIGHT AFTER SHE DELIVERED HER PUPPIES, AND THEN KILLED THEM. PLEASE CROSS POST:
His name is Bill Richards. His direct business line is (606)638-9600. Please call him and leave him a voicemail. If you dont want your phone number to show up, press *67 first. Call his direct line, and for good measure you can leave a message on the shelter line too. I can't name names but some have already done so.
Complain to everyone who is anyone with political clout in Kentucky about this including

We the undersigned feel that Dog Warden, Bill Richards, did not handle the situation with the mamma pit bull and her puppies in a humane fashion. He showed no compassion for the newborn puppies that were only hours old. He knew when he decided to inhumanely shoot their mother in the head with a 22 caliber shot gun that those puppies would have no chance at life. Bill Richards should not hold the position as dog warden, as he is unable to make the necessary decisions required for the safety and welfare of the animals and the public. We feel that he should not only be terminated from his position as dog warden, but he should also face animal cruelty charges the same as a civilian would if they carried out this same act. Thank you for taking the time to read and consider. Sincerely, Pit Bull Advocates and Animal Activists

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