Dennis Skillicorn: Do not grant Clemency

In august 1994 Richard Drummond of Mo was murdered by Dennis Skillicorn, Allen Nicklassen and Tim Degraffenreid.Mr. Drummond did not deserve to die. He merely stopped to help these men when their car was disabled on the roadside. I personally did not know Mr. Drummond, however I do know he was a good man with a family that loved him very much. He was married and had children he dedicated his life to. I know his family suffered indescribable loss when their loved one was taken from them in a brutal senceless act of murder. I am also a family member of two of Dennis Skillicorns other victims. Charlene and Joeseph Babcock. I created this petition to speak for ALL Skillicorn's victims. I send my sincerest sympathies to all the other families that have had their lives changed by the acts of murder Dennis Skillicorn commited.
There are many groups petitioning for clemency for Dennis Skillicorn. Claiming he was not aware his accomplice was going to pull the trigger and claiming he has changed and done so much from within the prison walls on death row. 
Facts are being left out to gain compassion for Mr. Skillicorn and for that I seek out supporters who belive that this man's claims of innocense are untrue and solely motivated by his desire to not pay for the crimes he has committed.
Dennis Skillicorn served 13 years for the murder of Wendell Howell. After getting out of prison he chose to participate in a cross country killing spree which left 3 possibly 4 people dead. After the killing in Arizona the men claimed to go to Mexico where they state another woman was killed. No body was found in mexico.
Taken from court documents:
"In any case, Skillicorn cannot demonstrate that he suffered any prejudice from counsel's actions. In the penalty phase, the jury found the following aggravating circumstances listed in section 565.032 RSMo:(FN5) In 1980, Skillicorn was convicted of murder in the second degree,(FN6) section 565.032.2(1); Richard Drummond was killed while Skillicorn and his co-defendants were in the process of kidnapping him, section 565.032.2(11); and finally, Drummond was murdered while Skillicorn and the others were in the process of robbing him. Id. The evidence supported all of these aggravating circumstances that indicated the death penalty was an appropriate punishment for Skillicorn. Skillicorn, 944 S.W.2d at 898-99.
In addition to the statutory aggravating circumstances, the jury heard an audio tape of Skillicorn's confession to the FBI in San Diego, California. In the confession, he not only talked about his role in the murder of Richard Drummond, but also discussed what he and Nicklasson did as they fled Missouri on a journey southwest. Besides committing a number of house burglaries and attempting to steal a purse from a woman in a grocery store in California, Skillicorn discussed his role in the murders of a husband and wife in Arizona and a woman in a diner in Mexico."
View in full here:

Charlene and Joe Babcock were the kind of people you could always turn to in times of need for a helping hand or kind words. On August 27th 1994 Thier kindhearted ways cost them their lives. A knock came upon their front door. Two men appeared with a story of how they were hunters and they had gotten their vehicle stuck in a wash further down the road.Joe of course was willing to assist them in trying to get their vehcile out. So Joe took their jeep and the men Dennis Skillicorn and Allen Niclasson to the wash (Now named Babcock wash) and did all he could to help them get the vehicle out of the sandy wash. When Joe was unable to get the vehcile out he was kneeling beside the car (Owned by Richard Drummond's employer ATT) removing the chains from the front of the car. His reward was bullets in his head. They left his body there in the wash for the hot sun and animals.The two men then stole the Babcock's jeep and drove back up to where the Babcock's home was. Again a knock on the door and when my aunt answered the door she realized something was wrong, not seeing her husband there with them. She asked where he was and soon became frantic, The men ,after a struggle shot my aunt in the face in her own home.They then stole the jeep and travelled further to California and Mexico where they claimed to have killed a waitress.Charlie and Joe were just good Samaritans, as was Mr Drummond and for their kindness they died at the hands of these men.
Please help us show Governor Matt Blunt and the state of Missouri that this man does deserve the sentencing handed down from the MissouriCourts.
For Charlene and Joe :
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