Deplastification 2012

"Plastic surrounds us!The amount of plastic we've produced since the beginning of the plastic age is enough to wrap the entire planet in plastic bags 6 times over.
We are the children of the age of plastic" 
Quoted from the documentary "Plastic Planet"

The only way we can truly make a change is to pledge together to rid our lives of plastic.  I know in today's world this is almost impossible but even the tiniest changes can make a huge difference.

The ocean's are polluted, each has it's own garbage patch.  The Pacific Garbage Patch is the size of Texas twice over.  Plankton is over run with tiny bits of plastic particles that the fish are now eating,  The fish are dying, who do you think is next? Plastic takes an average of 500 years (some estimate as much as 1,000 years) to break down.  We are stuck with every single piece of plastic that has ever been made.  We have to take drastic measure's or we will suffocate our planet with plastic.  What does not end up int he ocean goes into landfills where the toxic chemicals leech out into the soil and ground water.

By signing this pledge you are saying you will:

- begin to replace plastic items in your home, especially those used to prepare/store food as toxic chemicals can leech from the plastic into your food

- remember (or start) to use your reusable bags instead of plastic bags provided by the store.

- try not to bring any new plastic into your home

-recycle your old plastic responsibly

-avoid plastic bottles, especially bottled water, recycle the bottles when you must purchase them.

-spread the word to everyone you know
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