Destruction of Revenue Records

Stop Destruction of Records  

Greatest man in the oldest stone age culture of the world Sowan Valley 0.5 million year old with amazing stoneware , caves and hunting tools yet to be excavated now part of Punjab has been Sir Choto Ram. A gang of Numberdar , Patwari and Private Loan Providers mostly Hindus had been trying to fake 1904 revenue records that was excellent possession document given to farmers giving Khusra number , measurement , revenue and duly signed by Numberdar when he received the revenue. Poor farmers pledged their limited lands to loan givers. Sir Choto Ram as Revenue Minster of Punjab got historical legislation passed to return the pledged lands by loan givers back to farmers. Patwari Akbar and gang of Numberdar came as hungry wolves on farmers. They changed and destroyed records and started killing women and witnesses. In the recent past mafia and revenue burnt revenue records at Rawalpindi. Revenue, police, lower courts, local administration, Wapda, gas, telephone and mafia are linked together; they send touts and horses mostly from 44 families to protect terrorists. Property dealer and land mafia is supported by most powerful post Naqdi Moharar of police Rawalpindi. The terrorist gang of Ghafur &Aziz are illegally occupying houses and lands of Zaman Lohar , M.Hasan , Sarwar w/o Dino , share of Fatima w/o Ali Shan, Suna w/o M Hasan writing Suna w/o G Hasan and Suna w/o Nur her brother, Reshma d/o Nur , Ghani s/o M Bee and many others.    

 “ Keeping Hindu ladies and  their Children in their house since long , We would attack the house” , Some of the people from opposite village to Village Hafial Kauntrila Gujar Khan Rawalpindi had threatened Yousaf and Ghulam Rasul s/o Nur Alam who had given protection to many families

Post master at Kauntrila in 1947 with his wife and two daughters Gulian and Zubeda from India was a guest of his postman Ghulam Rasul only retired teacher, herbal expert and spiritualist. Family was waiting for their relatives to come from India at Royal now Faisalabad. 2nd family of Pir Munawar Shah from Punch along with his 4 sons and many of his followers. The 3rd were Hindu ladies and their Children.

Nur Alam and his wife Hashmat had 5 children: 3 sons Ghulam Rasul, Yousaf, Afsar and 2 daughters Ruqia and, Kurm Nabi to look after the guest. The next house of Hashmat‘s brother Muhammad Hasan s/o Sarfraz has his wife Suna the sister of Nur Alam and two daughter Maqbol w/o Ghulam Rasul and Khanma w/o Yousaf. Suna widow of Nur Hasan had daughter Reshma from elder brother of her husband.

“How they can dare to attack such a strength of over 30 even if we do not count our other relatives”, said Hashmat

Gang of terrorists belonging to local headman Numberdar Zaman s/o Ghulam Hasan has created this news of attack. He had illegally occupied lands of many poor after the decision of Sir Choto Ram who had decided as Revenue Minster of Punjab for return of pledged lands against loan to farmers. Many protests by loan givers sponsored by corrupt Revenue departments were rejected by greatest man of the history Sir Choto Ram saying that these loan givers had taken much more interest from poor farmers hence they have to return their lands. Ladies were limited owners till their marriage or death and lands were to be given to legal heir of male heir assuming him to be alive under 1937 Shariah Act.

Numberdar Zaman had made Zaman Lohar his name sake and Phulan Lohar his relative to run from the village giving application to police that Lohar was involved in making arms. He had got the bricks from deserted Hindu houses and constructed a school on their property using as his terrorist headquarter. Khusra numbers 5941, 5947 and nearby road given Khusra number is still occupied by his grand son terrorist Ghafur a taxi driver and ex PTCL revenue clerk at Rawalpindi.

Numberdar had also occupied the lands of one Ghulam Hussein s/o Mehnda because name of his nephew father of terrorist Arif was also same son of Sahib Jee. Khusra numbers 6773 and others are still occupied by Aziz constable s/o Zaman. The terrorist gang of Ghafur and Aziz are fake owner of grave yards, streets, roads, school, water pool, and lands of widows and poor including legal shares of many widows by fraud, fake documents, and false names. Patwari Akbar , Pir Patwari , Adalat , Sheikh Habib , Farakh , Imtiaz , Mehdi , Iftikhar Mehdi , Naib Tehsidar Chaudhry Nasir and revenue staff top to bottom had looted away Rs 45 billions by destruction of over 0.35 families , killing of over 13000 people and making over 0.45 million fake cases. They had been trying to get rid of 1904 records and finally the terrorist gang of Ghafur and Aziz burnt the records of Rawalpindi.

The gang came as hungry wolves on the family of 4 ladies and Hashmat killing Nur Hasan, his mother in law Niamto, kid brother of Nur Alam. They killed Nur Alam, Muhammad Hasan, Imam the witness in fraud, his son Aziz in 1948. They killed Afsar s/o Nur Alam , Suna , her two daughters , Sakhi s/o Imam , my kid brother Bashir and total of over 17 people. They launched over dozen killing attack on me.

The Hindu ladies and their children were kept in safety in spite of all the threats arranged by terrorist gang of Numberdar , his two charming daughters who trapped many for killing by using their char , poison , black magic , tension , hired killers , trained blood hound and other methods. One Jemidar Raza finally took our guests and handed over to military for their safe journey to India.

The actual terrorists the revenue , hired killer police , electric , gas , telephone departments and corrupt and criminal politicians are the ones sowing the seeds of hatred among people of South Asia using extremist mythologists . Trillions of dollars of public money and millions of poor had been killed since 1930s .

We require the greatest men like Sir Choto Ram to establish peace and stability in South Asia. My highest compliments and appreciations to Jang group , Times of India and the team trying to establish peace. I have given over 0.5 million free solutions including many peace solutions for South Asia though these were cheated . I had been under continuous killing attacks sponsored by revenue , police , politicians through killing and terrorist gang of Ghafur and Aziz.    

We had been meeting every month on the hot line between the PMs of Pakistan and India for 3 years with our friends from India though none of us ever admitted the fault was on which side but we discussed many issues for establishing peace and stability in South Asia.

A social worker and activist Ghani who tried to stop abuser s, mental destroyers, terrorists and killers land mafia of Ghafur and Aziz was killed by the gang.
Let us join together to stop destruction of records by revenue, terrorism and killing of witnesses and legal heirs. Law of jungle even doesn’t exit. Proof can be seen in case 171 of 2010, mutations 224, 225, 226, of 1960, 1422 of 1976, 1999 of 1987, 3234-3241 of 2007 and others.

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