"Dexter Stamp" - On Convicted Animal Abusers ID Card

    On 15 August 2011 Dexter the kitten passed away as a result of the trauma he was subjected to at the hands of a "mother" and her children.  Since the passing of Dexter there has been a massive increase in signatures calling for the passage of the Dexter Stamp.  When I started this petition I had no idea the life it would take on or the passions it would inflame.  Please....PLEASE ! do not allow your passions to cloud your judgement, if that happens then a person is no better then the monsters who do such things to animals, BUT by all means be the responsible adult, do what you know is right, and do not be afraid to promote what you know is the right thing to do. Monsters are afraid of the light and truth.  With this in mind....let your voice - OUR VOICE be heard as one resounding message to the Legislators that We The Under Signed....

     ...are letting our voices be heard in remembrance of Dexter the kitten and his sibling who lost their life's in the senseless attack made of them. We are calling for a mandatory  "Dexter Stamp"  to be permanently affixed to the ID card of all convicted animal abusers as a warning to those who are ask to sell or give such individuals a animal.
   By supporting this petition with your signature, you are helping to take the a step in moving our Legislators to enact a law which requires every person convicted of animal abuse to have a permanent  "Dexter Stamp"  affixed to their ID card as a warning that this individual is a convicted animal abuser and should not be trusted with animals.
   Suffolk County NY was the first in the country to establish a animal abuser registry, how ever there is yet another step that could be taken which would have a more effective impact in the protection of animals.  The abuser registry in NY is a start but it does not address the fact that a convicted animal abuser can simply go out and obtain another animal from an person that does not know their history, and the fact that a registered individual is only on the list for a five year period, after which they are free to continue their acts against the innocent creatures we as a society have a moral obligation to protect.
   Signatures are needed for submitting to Florida's Legislative body's in the hopes of moving one of the Representatives to introduce legislation that would lead to the enactment of a  "Dexter Stamp Law"  which would require any person convicted of animal abuse/cruelty to have a  "Dexter Stamp" permanently affixed to their ID card.          Once one state enacts such a law others will follow suit.
     What would the Dexter Stamp Accomplice ?
    Take what happened to Dexter and his sibling in Hernando County, FL.  Dexter a 8 week old,  small black and white kitten died after a  mother and her two young sons  beat him and another kitten.   
   Dexter lingered clinging to life, but his brother died as a result of his injuries, and on 15 August 2011 Dexter passed away from the massive trauma he suffered from the hands of this  "mother" and her children.  Children at a park in Brooksville, Fl.  watched in horror when they saw 24-year-old Wilana Joenel Frazier and her two sons savagely attack Dexter and the other kitten.  Frazier hit the kittens with a baseball bat and encouraged her children to kick the animals and throw them against a tree. Then they placed the kittens on a swing. When one cat  died, the boys put him in a trash can and covered him with water.  By the time Linda Christian, a Hernando County Animal Services officer, arrived on the scene little Dexter had been rescued and wrapped in a white T-shirt by one of the boys who witnessed the event. Blood was running from the Dexter's nose and mouth. Soon he began to have seizures from the trauma to his brain.  Veterinarians were very concerned about potential damage to Dexter's brain and were  not sure if he will ultimately succumb to his injuries. 
   On 15 August Dexter did  succumb to those injuries and passed away.  This was a senseless taking a defenseless life, we as a society must realize that we are only the stewards of what is on this home we call Earth and as a civilized society we have a responsibility to act when called upon to do so.  How does a kitten defend its self against such actions ?  It must look to those that will stand up for them - "those" are We The Undersigned.
   All animals have a right to life - the same as you. If there had been a Dexter Stamp  in place then maybe....JUST MAYBE!  this wouldn't have happened, seeing a Dexter Stamp on a person's ID would let others know that a person should not be trusted with an animal's life and give a individual the right to say  'no I won't give you a kitten' and have the right to do so !  But first a person has to be able to know who is a animal abuser and who is not. 
   A  Dexter Stamp as a warning on ID cards is an effective way to accomplice this.

   Any person trying to obtain a animal whether through a business, a shelter or private parties COULD BE ASK TO SHOW THEIR ID FIRST...IF THERE'S A  "DEXTER STAMP"  WARNING ON THE ID, THEN THE INDIVIDUAL MAY BE REFUSED THE ANIMAL.  This would create an effective stop gap that we as a society can exercise on our own that is not invasive nor out side of the law and is in line with what an advanced society claims to be. there is no calling for a mandatory reporting of a person with a Dexter Stamp trying to obtain a animal, just the right for society to ask to see if there is a stamp and the right to say no.

   Frazier denied being involved and said her children were not part of the beating. However authorities charged Frazier on two counts of cruelty to animals and two charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Frazier is out of jail on $3,500 bail.  Is Dexter and his sibling's life worth $3,500 dollars in bail ?
                                            ONLY YOU CAN ANSWER THIS !

   Let's make sure that Dexter the kitten and his sibling get the justice that they deserve!    We are seeking 100 thousand signatures to show our Legislators that we as a society will not stand for these kind of individuals being allowed to keep obtaining animals.  Will you help in this goal ? post it all over the civilized world,  join social networks and blogs, animal activist sites - forward this petition to every one you know that will take up this cause in any way they can.   A united voice = action,  a voice that can be heard and answered with results!  98% of Florida cases are plead out to lesser charges, animal abusers may be able to plead out to lessor charges, walking away with only minimum penalties - BUT THEY WOULD STILL BE REQUIRED UNDER A DEXTER STAMP LAW TO CARRY THAT LESSOR CONVICTION ON THEIR ID CARD. .   
   We ask you to help empower all of us with the ability to spot an animal abuser and prevent them from obtaining animals for their sick acts.

   "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated... I hold that, the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man"
                                                                                                -- Mahatma Gandhi (1869 - 1948)

   Please help us to reach the goal of 100 thousand signatures to speak out to our Representatives that society has a right to an effective means to prevent such individuals from obtaining animals.  We are not asking for a sign in their front yard or a tattoo on the forehead,  just an effective means to protect the creatures society has a moral obligation to stand guard over as they are un-able to do so their self's.
   Are The animals we allow these kind of individuals to sacrifice for their sick acts the price a civilized society pays for being "civilized" ?
   We the under signed are speaking out with one voice  that we do not accept what happened to Dexter and his sibling.
   We understand that there are laws in place for the police to enforce such, but its all of us that are daily confronted with the choice of letting an individual obtain a animal, whether we are working in a pet store, a shelter or are private individuals looking to place kittens in loving home or are working to place rescue animals.
   Almost daily there is ample proof of individuals caught in the act of abusing animals or worst torturing them.  The only reason this happens is due to the fact that there is no effect means for the every day person to distinguish who these people are.
                                                    AN EFFECTIVE STOP GAP IS NEED.
   The "DEXTER STAMP" is the effective stop gap that warns other people that a individual should not be trusted with a animal's life, and would provide the means for any person the right to request to see the individuals ID card before first giving or selling a animal to such person.  A simple inspection of a ID card for a Dexter Stamp could do more then all the police officers there is in the protection of society's helpless animals against such people.
   A 'Dexter Stamp' would be a simple paw print inside of a red circle permanently affixed to a convicted animal abusers ID card.
   It is known fact that 98% of Florida's case are plead out to lessor charges.  When a person charged with a clear case of felony animal abuse is allowed to plead out to a misnomer charge of animal abuse then the person is able to simply go obtain more animals for their sick acts - THE DEXTER STAMP WOULD HELP PREVENT THIS,  AS ALL PERSON CONVICTED OF ANIMAL ABUSE WOULD BE REQUIRED TO HAVE THE DEXTER STAMP ON THEIR ID CARD.
   We respectfully request one of the Representatives to take up this cause and introduce legislation to enact the DEXTER STAMP LAW which would require all individuals convicted of animal abuse, whether felony or misnomer in nature to have the Dexter Stamp permantlry affixed to their ID cards and for the Dexter Stamp Law to provide any individual the right to request another individual to first show their ID card  before obtaining a animal, whether the animal is a pet or commercial. 

   We are not asking for a provision that it is mandatory to show ones ID card, but only that the Dexter Stamp be affixed as mandatory for all convicted animal abusers and the right to ask to see a persons ID card before transferring a animal.

   This is a simple and effective way to prevent animal abuse that empowers the every day individual with the right to do so. 
   Please take up this cause and introduce legislation for the Dexter Stamp Law at the soonest opportunity that your office has to do so.
                           IF NOT YOU...THEN WHO, IF NOT NOW...THEN WHEN ?
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