Dog Carpets are not Art but MURDER!

In 2007 two monsters in disguise of artists, Ondrej Brody and Kristofer Paetau, went in Bolivia for the project they had in their sick mind: to produce carpets using Dogs. To speak about hypocrisy they say. For their bloody "show" they used a municipal service in La Paz "We requested to obtain 10 sacrificed dogs for our “installation”. This seemed to be a perfect paradox. A hunting carpet from a dog that is being hunted by the society".
This is NOT funny, this is NOT art. This petition is to ask the Bolivian President to become humane: street dogs must be cured and helped, not killed; the municipal service must take charge of stray dogs (they kill 100 dogs per weeks); mostly he can't permit a similar MASSACRE in the name of Art!
The two criminals must be punished severely and BANNED from every Museum in the World, starting from Bolivia. They should be sent in prison and left there for the rest of their miserable life!

We the undersigned
are gravely concerned regarding the very disturbing practice of slaughtering dogs unnecessarily so and using their skins to fashion "dog carpets" and are respectfully requesting that you implement measures to illegalize this practice of killing the dogs and using their bodies in such unconventional and macabre manners. This blatant demonstration of brutality has substantiated a cruel and dangerous lesson: when you expose people to such violence towards animals, you are indeed maintaining the position that ours is a world of suffering and brutality, desensitizing humans to animal cruelty, which inevitably leads to crimes against humans.
Animals, like humans, are capable of fear, love, pain, and suffering; humans have the capability for empathy, and we must utilize our gifts to protect them, not apathetically condemn them to undeniably criminal and exceptionally insufferable acts. Your disregard and exploitation of this vulnerable group of beings is unacceptable and the global community will voice censure of your community and country, resulting in the sacrifice of vital tourism and commerce profits. We must not continue to objectify animals by condoning their abusers' violent acts or accepting them as undeserving of empathy and respect lest we lose our capability of humaneness towards all living creatures.
Be a representation of animal compassion and strive to foster an ideal whereby animals are respected, loved, and empathized by all your citizens. Allocate resources to construct shelters; implement sterilization and vaccination programs to prevent homeless populations and colony disease outbreaks; accept local and international advice and assistance; and implement and enforce laws establishing animal cruelty as criminal. As a result, we are confident that yours can be a community, indeed a country, that others will look upon with pride and ambition to echo your empathetic attitude towards our sentient animal friends.
Thank you for your attention to this important issue. I look forward to a positive response.
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