Boycott Carnival Cruise Line and Dolphin Shore Excursions

 After watching the academy award winning movie, "The Cove", I decided I had to do something to help the slaughter of over 20,000 dolphins each year in Japan.  The film focuses on curtailing the supply of dolphins coming out of the small fishing village of Taiji, but the only way to really stem the supply is to stop the demand.  Only we can do this, so only  we can save the dolphins! 

In my mother's day, it was acceptable to wear a lovely fur coat.  Public pressure changed this.  People just like you changed this.  Now, we don't need 100 chinchillas to give up their lives so we can stay warm.  You  can make the same change today by telling Carnival Cruise you are going to boycott their line until they eliminate dolphin experiences from their shore excursions.  

I am not an activist.  I am just a country school teacher, but I can't wait for someone else to stop this horribly unmerciful slaughter.  If you watch "The Cove", I know you will feel the same.  Please help me.  Please sign the petition below, repost to your Facebook, and send by email to your friends.  

Thank you


Dear Carnival Cruise Company,
We, the undersigned, believe that dolphins held in captivity for the entertainment industry suffer greatly.  
Originally, the philosophy of zoos and marine parks was to educate the public so that they would protect the environments of the wild animals they exhibited.  Unfortunately, the proliferation of dolphin experience parks is driven by profit, rather than by noble motives.  
Dolphins are intelligent and social creatures that, in the wild, interact with hundreds of pod-mates, hunt communally, and have entire coastlines as their playground. In captivity, all of this is lost. Social partners are restricted to a handful of tank-mates. Captive dolphins are fed dead fish (wild dolphins only catch and eat live fish; they never eat dead fish) and they face a profound reduction in space and stimulation. 
In captivity, they are  subject to sickness and disease from chlorine, and many dolphins must be fed Tagamet for stomach ulcers due to stress.  
We are asking you to be a leader in the industry and remove all dolphin experiences from your shore excursion rosters.  We hope that other cruise lines will follow your good example.  
Carnival Cruise Line is the most fun cruise line!  Now let's be able to say that it is also a steward of the oceans and the animals that should remain living free there.  
The Undersigned
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