We demand THE END THE END (sorry pre-signers!) of the use of rabbits and small animals in the folllowing:
(Except when it is pain reduced and benefits veterinary science).
-The food industry (rabbits)
-cosmetics testing/including sunscreen
-household products testing
-perscription testing-given 20 times the human dosage
-hunting/skinning live
-unresponsible families who adopt for underage children, w/no knowledge of care
-overbreeding/black trash bags full of daily euthanized animals at shelters(all types)
-general abuse and neglect w/out turning into a shelter first.
We the undersigned, respectfully request that all testing on live rabbits end immediately, for the use of cosmetics, military, medical, and the use of breeding for food. And support this cause for the following reasons:

Information on alternatives can be obtained from the Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine. As they will tell you, we are learning nothing to cure diseases or make eyeliner safe (which some contain Cyanide, by the way). For just a quick link example, Dr. Dan Lyons of "Uncaged" in Brittain:(remember to hit the back arrow to return to the petition).


Dear Lori

The battle to save animals from being repeatedly poisoned by P&G is, in many ways, a struggle for truth over corporate lies. The majority of consumers say they would boycott animal-tested products. P&G%u2019s response is to deceive people rather than respect their values. And the more successful their lies, the harder it is to force them to stop poisoning animals with cosmetics ingredients.

That%u2019s why it%u2019s so vital to get out on 14th May and tell the public that if they buy P&G products they are paying for systematic cruelty to animals. We%u2019ve just struck a blow for truth after our complaint to the UK Advertising Standards Authority forced P&G to withdraw an internet advert that claimed %u2018we don%u2019t test on animals%u2019. But P&G continue to mislead consumers across the globe with deceptive statements that are beyond the remit of regulators. So the animals need your help to put the record straight and empower the public to shun P&G%u2019s cruel products.

Saturday 14th May - the 15th Global Boycott P&G Day - also falls in the middle of an absolutely crucial battle to outlaw animal-tested cosmetics from Europe. As you probably know, the existing EU %u2018Cosmetics Directive%u2019 says that cruel cosmetics must be removed from sale in 2013, but P&G and other animal-testing companies are trying to delay this historic step forward. Uncaged%u2019s campaign has meant MEPs have been inundated with protests from their constituents %u2013 one UK MEP told us he%u2019d received over 1700 letters! In Europe, Boycott P&G Day is an opportunity to intensify the pressure.

Because Europe is the world's largest market for personal care products, a ban on animal-tested cosmetics here will put pressure on P&G others to stop testing cosmetics on animals across the world. If you live outside Europe you can help by asking your Parliamentarians/Government to ban animal testing of cosmetics. 

How you can help

Some of the most effective actions on Global Boycott P&G Day are town centre information events to educate shoppers and publicise the boycott. You can download campaign leaflets, posters and pledge forms in various languages from here. Click here for an in-depth campaigners guide for more ideas of how to take action. 

Please register your action for animals by emailing me http://us.mc1115.mail.yahoo.com/mc/compose?to=dan@uncaged.co.uk to let me know the details of your event. Afterwards, you can upload photos of your action to our %u2018Hurtful Essences%u2019 facebook page.

I really hope you can unite with us on 14 May to defend animals from terrible abuse at P&G's hands. 

With best wishes

Dan Lyons

Dr Dan Lyons, Director, Uncaged

P&G use extreme and traumatic blood sample techniques in their poisoning tests.

A Global Boycott P&G Day protest in Mexico.

We urgently need your help...

Click here to make an essential campaign donation.

Find us on Facebook and ask your friends to join too.

And from Lori, the author, why in God's name are we eating them? Although none of us can be perfect, you can start today by trying to buy all of your toiletries (male and female) that read "cruelty free" or "not tested on animals". Other household cleaning products can be found as well, but are more challenging, esp with the major companies that have been around for so many years. Thanks and kudos to the Traveler's Insurance company who created the greatest commercial of all. This is a must see at:(Again, remember to hit the back arrow to return to the petition).
If you read the small print of some of your medications, they were given in 10 times the dosage to rabbits and rats. Can you imagine how that would feel? Is it necessary? This again, is tough to avoid, especially in perscriptions. Maybe even perscriptions developed for veterinarians' use themselves. Another tough moral decision. BUT...the unnecessary experiments....NO EXCUSES!

When I worked in the airport, the day I had to inspect a box being shipped, precisely to illustrate this cause from a certain unnamed compassionate animal rights group (PETA), my face turned ghost white, dripping sweat. It contained a device used to restrain these animals heads, while various tortures "tests" were performed. The device was made of iron and shaped like a horseshoe, strong enough to restrain even me if my hand was thru it. Except it was for their head. The rest was to anchor their ears, and attached to it was one small single chain, to go around just one foot, to prevent them from moving in a "fight or flight reflex. Rabbits scream when scared or hurt, have heart attacks and break their backs. Did anyone know this?

Rabbits are highly intelligent, trainable, domesticated (when not in the wild) creatures. They are litter trainable and attach to their owners, without the emotional demands of dogs and cats. They are extremely lovable and like to be held like babies. And love to chew wood, run, jump and toss baby toys. But...they are always watching and know what you are doing! And they even snore when they sleep sometimes! You can also help by adopting a rabbit from a rescue, not a pet shop if you can help it. There are many books on having the "urban rabbit", basically an "extreme house", being a cage for food, litter, etc., and a baby pen or run. And spay and neuter are a must, not only for overpopulation, but for behavior control.

Thank you for your time. As you took time to sign, I will be collecting more targets, from media, to research labs, to rabbit food farms in preparation to send this petition off when the time comes, to include President Obama and Vice President Biden.
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