End Search Engine Access to Child Porn Sites

     Google has a reputation as the search engine that can find everything.    
Unfortunately, this is true.  Our petition is that they must end search engine access to sites featuring child pornography.        
     There are literally millions of sex offenders and/or predators out there that perpetuate the abuse of children and enjoy the companionship of those with similar, horrible sexual interest by being given easy, click of a mouse access to child porn sites through search engines such as Google.   
     Even though all people who use Google to search for child pornography do not become sex predators and/or offenders, the fact is that in order to make the pornography, you've got to be abusing children.  This is intolerable.  No one should be able to witness a child being abused.  No one.
     Tell them to create methods to block these life-robbing child porn sites. 
Children and teens are exploited and abused, young observers are scarred by this content, and sex offenders and predators are empowered into continuing down the path of addiction and abuse.  All by way of easy navigational access.  
Please help support this noble mission by signing the petition.  Let us stand together and proclaim to Google, Please help save children's lives!  We believe people should not be able to find everything.

     We the undersigned are aware that Google has a reputation as the search engine that can find everything.  While we admire the power of your search engine and recognize how you changed the internet, we ask you to consider what actions have been taken to end navigational access to pornographic websites featuring children.  
      700,000 current sex predators and/or offenders, all with a documented police backgrounds of porn use, exist in the U.S.A.  This does not include the untold, unkown number of them out there.  Now multiply that by any number of children whom they abused.  Staggering.  And this is just in America, the flat earth we live on generalizes this trend worldwide.
     They not only seek child porn, they seek others like them in order to feel some semblence of satisfaction or justification through being part of a kinship of men with similar, horrible sexual interests with children and teens. 

     We are aware that the ACLU has presented their case to the Supreme Court to rule against anti-porn laws, one of which was the Child Online Protection Act (COPA).  Regrettably, our United States Supreme Court dismissed the case altogether just last year on January 22nd, 2009.  This was a great loss for those who wish to saves children't lives.  But the fight is not over and giants like you can lead by example and stop it.  It is the right thing to do.

     Even though all people who use Google to search for child pornography do not become sexual predators, the fact is that in order to make the pornography, you have got to be abusing children.  The searches that allow navigational access to websites involving children being sexually abused and exploited is something your company can do something about.  We know that you possess the intelligence and technological resources to not only prevent access but to flag those who attempt to gain access. 
     You can send a very loud message to sex predators to stop and a very loud message to the world that you save children's lives.   Instead of empowering sex predators by allowing them to find child porn and more men like them, why not flag sites and transmit hotlines which give them an option to seek help. 

     We are confident that you will begin taking action.  So confident in fact, that we are signing a petition in support of how strongly we feel that you will use your resources to save children's lives.  We believe that peopel should not be able to find everything. We believe in saving children's lives and ending navigational access to child pornography.  We believe you do too.
     Thank you for taking the time to consider a noble change.

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