UPDATE NOV. 2012.  OBAMA WINS!  Congratulations America on coming one step closer to equality. UNITE AND SIGN TODAY!

  Calling all LGBT people and the families and friends who love them! Gay relationships are being torn apart daily. Deportation of couples living together for years. Not able to marry, not able to have immigration, not able to have decisions upheld for death or surviorship, not able to receive partner insurance or benefits. It is 2012 and this has to stop now.  Gay, Lesbian, Bi and Transgendered men and women of the United States pay the same taxes, follow the same laws, create and add to positive societies, typically increase real estate values, and add to the countries revenue stream. We now serve openly in the US Military and that is a victory that finally we recognize one life is equal to another. Now let's take the final step and allow gay marriage now.  Defense of Marriage?  Really? The Sanctity of Marriage? Have you really read the Bible?  Look in Deuteronomy 5:21, 7:2, 27:20, 25:5.  Wow..this book is really amazing! Come on America...Gay marriage isn't going to make it any worse than the hetero community already has. Give us a chance to live with the people we love. Stop the hate and allow Gay Marriage NOW!

We the People of the United States of America and all countries who support her, do so by signing this petition, demand that the Defense of Marriage Act be Repealed!  The time for discriminatoin against our Gay, Lesbian, Bi and Transgendered Men and Women is OVER.  We want all men and women to have the same right to marriage, benefits, immigration and the pursuit of happiness that is shared by all heterosexual Americans.  It is time to dissolve the barrier line that separates the differences of America.  We are all created equal.  If we truly say "In God We Trust", then we must admit that "God makes NO Mistakes" and that equality must start today.  Thank you America for supporting the repeal of DOMA. If you accept this and allow us to marry, then please stand back and watch the benefits of this.  Economic growth, businesses starting up, moving, new homes being bought together, weddings, receptions, hotel rentals, spending...just like heterosexual weddings, a new beginning occurs, and that sparks revenue and creation.  Let us have our chance!

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