End Killer Whale Exhibits at SeaWorld

  • by: Care2
  • recipient: SeaWorld CEO
Through gruesome events over the course of the the past years, it has been proven to us, time and time again, that killer whales (aka orcas) are not fit for captivity.

Four people have died and dozens more injured by captive orcas since 1964, when the first went on public display. The most recent death was in 2010 at SeaWorld. And, this orca had already been involved in the deaths of two others.

This week SeaWorld is challenging the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's findings regarding the 2010 death of trainer Dawn Brancheau. Death after death under their watch is clearly not enough to convince them that changes need to be made.

The public must speak out and let them know that we have no interest in seeing these beautiful and majestic creatures in theme parks such as SeaWorld. These beings are far too intelligent to spend their days swimming in 'fish bowls'; and far too powerful.

Please sign this petition swiftly so that we can get our word to SeaWorld.
We realize that it is through a weeklong hearing that you will be fighting the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's findings involving the 2010 death of killer-whale trainer, Dawn Brancheau. But, please know that the public does not support your fight.

After countless deaths and injuries over the course of many years, we no longer have the desire to see these killer-whale shows that SeaWorld has so proudly displayed. They are now archaic and clearly need to be a thing of the past.

We now know that putting such large and intelligent animals into these 'fish bowls' is not faring well for them mentally or physically. And, we can no longer be shocked when yet another person is killed or harmed. We must take action.

It would be inhumane to continue with killer-whale shows at SeaWorld and a complete disrespect to those that have already lost their lives.

Please reconsider your fight against the OSHA and no matter the verdict, these animals and their shows must come to a close at SeaWorld. We, the public, will no longer stand by and watch these torturous performances.
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