End Legalism, Control, Spiritual and Financial Abuse

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Help fight legalism, control, spiritual, and financial abuse in Christian Churches and other faiths who profess allegiance to the Bible as the Word of God.  Break free from leaders who manipulate, contrive, control, and pressure.  Live according to conscience toward God in alignment to his Word, not in the traditions of men which make the Word of God of none effect.

Two issues affecting many churches today, and historically, are the power that the clergy has over the laity, and in the improper or undisclosed handling of money.  Watch this video on my blog for an example:

Do the standards, expectations, and social structure of your church or assembly limit the power of God and the manifestation of both the fruit and the gifts of the spirit?  Are your leaders intolerant and rigid?  Or are they charismatic people who turn the church into a three-ring circus?

This position does not focus on seeking allowances for sin, or weights that the Bible condemns as not being part of the Christian Life.  We are not talking about licensure to sin or to use the body in an unnatural way, or to promote any form of excess.

Rather, is your church and its doctrine limiting you from reaching your fullest potential in God?  Why?

This petition is also partly a survey to see where the real problems are so we can go about addressing them constructively.  We are not interested in helping whistleblowers in individual churches.  What we aim to do is look at general trend by denomination and assess the problems.  Then, our aim is to develop a national inter-church care ministry that is designed to individually counsel and assist those hurt, wounded, and disfellowshipped people who still love Jesus Christ.

Shining a candle in a dark world.

Please when you answer this petition, know that your name is not necessary to post.  You can post anonymously.  But, please give at least your state, or the state where your experiences were, your denomination or sect, and or your current church affiliation.  If none, please comment that you have none.

If you would like to share your full testimony, that it may serve others.  Please feel free to share it.  Anything that helps us get to the root of the problems out there is one step closer to the answers we all need to see form in our spiritual leaders. Email it to riverforum@yahoo.com

Remember this as you sign.  Spiritual leadership is a hard thing. People want to make pariahs out of imperfect leaders.  Please state your experience accurately, without inflammatory rhetoric, keeping in mind that your leaders are flawed as you are.

In Jesus' Name.

River Forum
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