Save chickens from cruelty at Tegel Foods!

Tegel Ltd is one of New Zealands largest suppliers of chicken, and also one of the cruelest. It is the typical factory farm - over crowded conditions, illness rampant and chickens dieing from preventable causes such as starvation and dehydration. Think I'm making it up? then take a look at this:
...could it possibly be anymore unnatural? I'm not so sure.
Please help these chickens by letting Tegel know that you are against their cruel way of farming and that if they do not change, you will no longer by their produce. I will personally deliver this petition and all it's signatures to someone who I know that works in management at Tegel.

Thank you!
To Tegel Foods, NZ.

I am appalled at the way you farm your chickens. The conditions could not be more cruel and unnatural, not to mention unhygienic. There is evidence out there that you do not have to continue farming like this (if you can even call if that) and if you do not change your ways, I will be forced to stop buying your produce directly or indirectly from those who you supply chicken to.

Please, take a look at those animals and ask yourself...are you really doing what's best for everyone?

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