Family Protection Act

Under the law Government officials are protected by the "No Liability" Law.  This means that they can use Forceful and unlawful means (Like scare tactics)  to not only enter your home but eventually take your children if they want to.  

Once a parent has entered a legal battle with the Government involving their children...The government and its officials can not be held accountable for anything the parents may feel is an abuse of their fundamental Rights.  To the point that anyone arrested under suspect of MURDER has MORE rights than a parent trying to protect their family and parental rights!
Governmental Lawyers and Judges are aloud to act in an openly biased fashion and the Judge gets to DECIDE what is evidence or not.  

There are THOUSANDS of Children taken from INNOCENT parents EVERY YEAR this way! I myself being one of them.

I am MORE than willing to share the FULL story with ANYONE wanting to know more.  Just keep this in mind...Should ANYONE, EVER be ABOVE the law?  If YOU found yourself in Court over YOUR children (I never expected it!) Wouldn't YOU want to know you had ATLEAST the rights of a murderer in order to defend YOUR family and BASIC rights?!  

My goal is to gather as MANY Signatures as possible to get Big Government to Change those laws that put officials above the law and let Parents use all their legal rights in their defense...Like a jury, proof of evidence, right to present evidence in defense.

It took 4 years for the NH DCYF to finally corner us in such a way that we had NO choice but to sign away or rights as parents.  During this time we faced unbelievable disregard to our basic rights.  Over the years, with lawyers who refused to fight, we managed to fight them off and kept records of their misconduct.   The court refused to take our evidence into consideration OR our lawyers refused to present it.

 Either way after 4 years the NH DCYF won their battle on Dec 5th.  Telling me and my husband that because they were no longer going ahead with the petition to remove our parental rights, they were filing for abandonment, this AFTER MANY documented accounts of the DCYF consistently failing to appear or follow through with prearranged visits between Jordan and Mikah and their parents.

Questions?  Please write me at eq2nataliah@gmailcom 
                    "My proof of devotion, love and care is that I STILL fight even when TOLD there is NOTHING more I can do." 

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