FiNS ... Finning is Not Sustainable

                 Sharks are threatened with extinction due to the fin trade

                                   As an Oregonian, take a stand.  
                                     You can make a difference.
                            Help stop overfishing.  Help stop finning.  

                                                Sign the pledge.
                    Support a ban in Oregon on finned shark products.

     Finning is not sustainable.   Over one hundred milliion sharks are killed each year.  Sharks are slow to mature (11-22) years; have long gestation (up to 2 years); and most species give birth to few "pups" (1 - 2).  Our demand has gravely outstripped their ability to reproduce.  Some populations have declined 90%.

     Though they are trophy hunted, and fished for their oil and meat, the demand for shark fins is the engine plummeting them to extinction.  Not only is the demand for fins the juggernaut of this top predator's destruction globally, finning is a cruel and barbaric practice.   Fishers cut the fins (and often tails) from the live animal, and discard the writhing bodies into the ocean to drown.

  As the ocean's top-predator species, sharks provide critical balance to the oceans' ecosystems.  The oceans' balance and welfare is tied to humankind's balance and welfare.  Make Oregon a leader in the move to stem the tide of this cruel, unregulated, wasteful, fishing practice of shark finning that is currently endangering entire shark populations.  Support this effort to ban finned shark products in Oregon.

   Thank you for acting on your care and concern.  Thank you for doing your part to protect this vast ocean diversity, humankind's heritage and wealth. 

                                                 Take a stand.

                                       You can make a difference.

                              Help stop overfishing.  Help stop finning.
               Pledge to support a ban in Oregon on finned shark products.

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