Fire politicians that do not do a good job.

  • by: the people
  • target: make politicians responsable for their actions.

I suggest we fire all politicians that are not doing a good job.
It is not our responsability as citizens to sign petitions all day long so the politicians do the right thing. Saving the polor bears, ending addiction to oil, feeding starving kids. The list goes on and on.
Politicians get paid a lot of money, but I feel like we, the people are doing more work to save this nation, and we don't get paid a penny.
So I ask you.. why do we need these politicians?
 If they make a mistake.. hold them responsable.

No COVERT OPPERATIONS.. all people must be held accountable. If you give the order,, take the responsability. If yo uare afraid to take the responsability,, then the order must not be very good to begin with.

--  Start enforcing the laws on the politicians. Example. in the USA a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY is punishable by law, as well as in the UK.

-- ok.. so the extinction of a species is a crime against humanity. When the species is gone,, we can no longer enjoy that species. When a child dies of starvation, that is a crime against humanity, especially when the politicians are all mostly overweight.

Giving car companies billions of dollars to create a product that contributes to Global Warming, that is a crime against humanity.

-- All I am saying is..

why do we need to keep paying the people that are slowing us down?


ok.. a McDonald's worker is working cash register.. they are off by 20 dollars at the end of the day. The manager warns them. By the third time they are off just 20 dollars.. they are FIRED.
How many politicians were off by millions?
Shouldn't they be treated more strictly than a McDonald's worker?
At Xerox, if a computer is missing... a federal investigation takes place to capture the employee that stole from the office.
Well, what about the missing weapons from the US arsenol.. Oliver North.. anyone remember him? There are more things like it..that we never get to see.
why is it that the people with crappy jobs get treated more strictly than politicians?
it makes no sence. the more you get paid.. the more you need to be held accountable for your actions.
if they don;t want to be held accountable.. then let them work for a dollar an hour,, or on a volunteer basis.

We want politicians to be held responsable for their actions, and to be treated the same as the rest of the working class. When a person at McDonald's is short 20 dollars in the cash register,, they get fired after 2nd warning. The same MUST go for politicians. Politicians must be held accountable for their actions. If they break the LAW, they must pay the penalty. They chose to be role models. They can quit anytime they want. If they don't and continue to break laws.. fire them and prosecute them. A legal term that is often over looked is a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY. It is punishable by Law in the USA the UK and other nations. -- So.. start prosecuting politicians. They constantly break this law. Example.. letting kids starve to death. Crime Against Humanity. Especially in the USA. Kids die of mal nutrition everyday in the USA. Now, in the USA it is ILLEGAL for a kid to get a job and earn the money to buy food. There is a child labor law. So it is the responsability of the GOVERNMENT and all the ADULTS to make sure the kids eat food, have shelter, clothing, heat.-- When a kid dies in the USA due to mal-nutrition, someone is guilty of the crime. Prosecute. if yo uhave no one to point the finger at, then yo umust point it at the government for making the child labor law that prevented the kid from getting things done on their own. -- See.. someone is responsable. Now you want to keep that law, but it still makes it the government's responsability, becasue they do a lot in their power to regulate the price of food. Paying farmers to NOT farm their land, in order to control supply and demand. It is all well documented. So the government is responsable for the food distribution. They manipulate supply and demand everyday. Are they proud that kids die because of their greed?
tell me.. how much is a kid worth anyway?
I bet you would say Albert Einstein was worth a mint.
How many Albert Einstein's have you already killed thanks to mal- nutrition?
I am telling you that the lives lost was definately not worth the extra money made by increasing and stabalizing food prices because you paid farmers to not farm the land.
Not everyon makes as much money as the government officials that are making these orders. It is CLEARLY a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY.
Make people take responsability. it is man-slaughter.
and it is INTERNATIONAL... it is TORTURE.
do yo ueven realize that starvation is one of the most painful ways to die?
it is a FACT.
so.. all governments preventing the solution to GLOBAL HUNGER are technically guilty of terrorism. Torutre is terror.
there is enough food for everyone in the world. All people that prevent getting food to the starving.. be it government or rebel forces... put them ALL in prison. And feed them only AFTER the starving innoscent civilians eat.
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