Flexseg Personal Local Solar Transportation System


Flexseg represents your Green Revolution in Local Solar Personal Transportation Options. Flexseg as your local mobility provider will provide people the leadership to pursue and adapt new social sustainable green/solar transportation behavior patterns. Only this focus in synergy with a billion other positive greened actions of the Human race will shape and mold a positive solution matrix to the vast challenges we a Cosmically charged with as stewards of Spaceship Earth. Flexseg achieves this by providing solar power personal transportation devices Segways, Electric Bikes and Scooters. Access granted and devices started via your cell phone-coded mesh networks electronic membership. Flexseg stations are micro-locally deployed in lock and solar charge rack configurations of three to three-hundred,

 What happens next on Plant Earth and in your neighborhoods is now up to you, personally and individually! In supporting Flexseg with your.33cents donation, via Paypal, you are providing direct action vote on planting a new seed that your family and children%u2019s children will enjoy the fruit of by upholding more positive Earth sustaining behaviors. What I/you/we do next holds the fate of your air and water your family, your children, and your fellow creatures away from the ecological harmful and hurting of our negative economic and industrial behaviors. Those behavior are stressing the Whole Earth. Big-time!,just look at your Life. Yes, our Earth is a locally and eternally regenerative Universe, but can only continue to be so balanced when the correct and balanced input in the form of human sustainable behaviors is achieved and practiced. This multi-functional matrix of Flexseg/Flexcare green solar powered mobility service, provides in it's business modeling a corrected green sustainable public solar transportation application. More with less, A Design Science Revolution, of new Public Green Solar powered transportation paradigm right at your finger, on the keys! A 33% cents solution, at your very fingers

 be it 33cents or 33 million cents give from a generous Human heart, to what matters most. What matters most now is the start, practice and institution of positive Life supporting Earth sustaining behaviors one of which Flexseg innovation represents. Now with your direct action vote and your donation via pay pal, you can trust we will be inspired to a more perfect union of a local solar cultural generated model of transportation Eco-sustainability.

If not now, when? If not Us, Who? 

We all have just enough time if we start right now!

Donation@PAYPAL  photoniaphive@gmail.com

Feedback; flexseg@gmail.com


Objective: To build, research and study a ergonomic efficient scalable and flexible carbon

reducing green personal solar based transportation system named FlexSeg.

What is FlexSeg?

FlexSeg is an innovative green personal transportation system based upon the successful models of Flex-car, and Zip-car. The definable main difference here is that a Segways, Electric Pedal Bikes, Electric Scooter and Bike board personal transportation devices are used instead of an automobile. FlexSeg combines the hardware of Segways and Electric vehicles with the software and solar docking/charging stations of Intragomobility and associated software. Each mobility device

contains a Personal Digital display with GPS wireless electronic perimeters control and locking software.

FlexSeg stations are built in three configurations. First the Flexseg store front facility for membership processing, fleet maintenance and solar vehicle service platform. Second the numerous scale-able and modular FlexSeg Intragomobility solar charging stations scattered throughout the applied city or urban or planned living community demographics. Third  configurations of FlexSeg State operational centers that coordinate master inventory control, membership document processing, tax and legal matters.

How does FlexSeg work?

FlexSeg is a localized solar mobility service provider, a system of personal local transportation efficiency with less and cleaner energy providing a reduction of green house gasses.

FlexSeg members have purchased access to Segway transportation access by visiting the nearest FlexSeg store-front or FlexSeg website. Each member after agreeing service and insurance contracts is granted a FlexSeg access code and is enabled access through reservation database. Client locates to a FlexSeg mobility service platform and locates the unit number of the Segway or Electric AB2 Bike and input their Flexseg membership code that unlocks and starts the selected transportation device. Flexseg presents a corrected economic modeling of green business structure in personal solar mobility solutions.

Our FlexSeg study is enabled through software to provide a detailed study of FlexSeg transportation configurations and related service data.











Flex-Segway project outline

Flexseg and the Green Compatibility features:

1. Flexseg qualifies as of an innovative next step Eco-economy business.

2. FlexSeg digital green transportation mobility solutions creates easy of access.

3. FlexSeg promotes a reduction of carbon gas output.

4. FlexSeg is a needed innovation given a 80%- CO2 decrease needed.

5. FlexCare creates new business owners and pilots new University programs and courses.

Flexseg Green Technology Factors:

1. FlexSeg combine existing technology to fulfill it%u2019s application.

2. FlexSeg software is designed to be mesh-network (cell phones-PDA) enabled.

3. FlexSeg hardware and software technology maintains control of inventory and registered account access.

4. FlexSeg can promote critical carbon gas reduction through city and community Flexseg pro-zoning.

5. FlexSeg is Fun, and solves many ergonomics and economic mobility challenges at one time,ease of user access and use, a travel cost reduction and carbon gas reduction.

Flexseg Scale Econometrics::


and_her_next_big_idea.html, Zip Car model.

B. Eco-Economy Building and Economy for the Earth by Lester Brown, Redesigning Cities for People Ch.9 page 199.

2. FlexSeg structures the business development as a owner/operated expandable franchise and is non-profit and operates as a Solar Transportation Trust.

3. FlexSeg promotes a micro-scalable green business system that rewards individual business success with access to increased capitalization and profits.

4. FlexSeg provides a corrected economic model for solar transportation innovation based upon significant carbon reduction electric solar transport systems.

5. Flexseg through Flexcare certification's creates jobs, new business and new business owners.

How does FlexSeg work:

FlexSeg is very simple, as most inventions and innovation that function are, in doing More with


FlexSeg members purchase access to Segway transportation membership services through the local FlexSeg store front or FlexSeg website. Each member after agreeing service and insurance contracts, and  membership is granted. The member is granted an access code. The member then locates to a FlexSeg mobility service station and locates an available solar mobility device and enters their electronic key. After member is finished, the Flexseg mobility device is returned to a local Flexseg mobility service station platform.












FLEXCARE: How Flexseg creates Green Business Owners.


Flexcare constitutes the training and certification process within the Flexseg business system franchise system. Flexseg hires within the guidelines of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, and from economic development zones and with in that a young demographic. These youthful applicants are provided a new opportunity to become certified and Flexseg business franchise owners through the Flexcare program.


Flexcare achieves this with a three-fold method, both internally and externally. Internally Flexcare programs are constructed to run in three segments, each lasting a year. The first year the applicant completes the Segway, AB2 electric bike and scooter maintenance and electromechanical certifications, enabling them to repair and service the Flexseg fleet. The second year the applicant learns and completes courses in business management and accounting and Flexseg business and franchise functions. The third year is structured to intern the applicant with a local Small Business Administration hands on business management course while managing a local Flexseg site. The applicant then upon successful graduation with certification in Flexcare program are then offered a ownership of a Flexseg franchise, with corresponding government grants and SBA business loans. Thus the applicant is certified and qualified to become a Green Solar Mobility Service Provider.

The training and certifications courses are to be aligned externally with local University and City colleges as they begin to offer Green business courses and certifications.

In this method Flexseg uses the benefits of the Flexcare program to create new Green business owners thus expanding its mandate at rapid public business development expansion of a new green carbon reducing personal local solar transportation system named Flexseg.


Flexad is defined as the Garmin-60 GPS/PDA unit mounted on each Flexseg Solar vehicle and software. The software is defined as the mesh-networks enabled global positioning system demographic Wifi advertising that supplies members (subscribed members)  with a local Wifi advertising subscription service.

Flexad is the commercial component of the Flexseg Solar transportation system that provides the user a new Wifi advertising service. Flexad is the advertising platform subscription service that performs revenue generation for Flexseg from business and company%u2019s deployed local demographic advertising media. And functions by hardware mounted as the Garmin PDA display mounted on each Flexseg transportation vehicle.

Thanks for taking your time to read and hope we can count on your support.


I wish you Creativity and Productivity in your day.


Leadership through Light!



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