Forgotten crippled Tiger Zhorik again pleads for help!

Vladimir Vladimirovich, we want to remind you of the existence of a crippled tiger Jora, which with your support in October 2010 moved from Yekaterinburg in the country's only wild animals rehabilitation center "cliff" in Khabarovsk.

History Zhorik cub began in 2009. Then, on the whole of our country and far beyond it thundered the story of a miracle rescued striped predator, which has suffered as a result of improper feeding and care in a mobile circus, which is considered to be the curse of the animals. Cub fed chicken, bone dug into the gums, inflammation and infection has begun, the owners of the circus called veterinarians and the put the wrong diagnosis, thinking that a toothache. Fang was removed, and the inflammation is left when he was brought to the explanatory surgeon in Chelyabinsk - Zhorik almost died.

In Chelyabinsk, the little tiger rescued, making the animal to 16 operations, with the result that he nearly lost his left cheek. In October 2010 Zhorik moved to the country's only wild animals rehabilitation center "Rock." Then, many felt that the tiger was miraculously saved, and the tragic history of the animal's suffering has come a happy ending. However, as it turned out, this story is still very early to finish. In the noisy PR followed by silence, but a cub, was forgotten. Nor, as many have forgotten about the promises to help in the content on the distant land of Khabarovsk.
- I took something to us in the center, hoping that I would help the federal government by providing money to care for Zhorik in Khabarovsk - the director of the rehabilitation center, Eduard Kruglov. - However, no money, I have not seen support from the authorities did not feel.

In February 2011 the suffering of the young Zhorik found a response among high school students' number 3, took the initiative to raise funds to help the guest in a rehabilitation center stripe, then the teachers and the boys launched a large-scale action, as a result of children, parents and citizens gathered just indifferent about
150 000 rubles for food Zhorik as at the very center of the food for the tigers remained for 2 days.

Meanwhile, still Zhorik health is poor. He still needed surgery to repair his jaw and soft tissues, the skin on the face. According to veterinarians at the moment (February 2012) Zhorik need 4 more operations. Necessary to restore the skin and lacrimal gland on the left side of the upper jaw. The next operation is scheduled in late March - early May this year, has not yet woken up blood-sucking insects that just will not give him his life and cause much suffering and pain.
To carry out the operation will be the local vets and anesthesiologists of the Primorsky Krai. According to doctors the cost of one operation will vary from 70 to 100 thousand rubles. (The work of veterinarians and anesthetists, drugs, consumables, use of medical equipment).

Now Zhorik lives in a cage, pen, but he is not Tiger, and a large adult male and therefore it needs a disproportionately large veins. the area. At the moment, the forces of the center began construction of a large enclosure. The size of 1 hectare enclosure on two tigers, fence height of 3 meters. Enclosure consists of metallic structures: pipe, mesh netting, rope three different diameters, mounting material, fittings, electrodes and welding services, the paint on metal corrosion. In order to complete construction of the center of the enclosure must be 510 thousand rubles. (Or, about 17 thousand dollars)
In addition each year to feed the tiger takes a minimum of 250 thousand rubles. (Meat, offal, vitamins, eggs), and additionally paid for services and zoo veterinarian 20 thousand rubles. a month. For the maintenance of two tigers need 170 kg of meat per week in winter, summer, 15% less.

On the whole the Khabarovsk Territory in the year is allocated no more than 200 000 thousand. rubles for environmental protection and the Center for "Rock" does not fall into the list of organizations that need help.
Meanwhile, in a rehabilitation center, and contain brown and Himalayan bears, foxes, deer, which also need to be fed, and that require large cages.

Zhorik himself was in a terrible situation - the government and its alloys have forgotten, foreign charities with Russia have nothing to do do not want to because of corruption, especially after the disappeared 1 million dollars, courtesy of a dedicated Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio, this good thing, people say, "It is not our business, let Putin decides the issue, he promised" , so it turns that people are crippled tiger, but to help almost no one wants to turn away all at once ...

The very center of the funds to make possible.

We, the undersigned, ask you to remember this promise to fund wildlife rehabilitation center "cliff" Ministry of Russia and contribute to the speedy solution of the problem of financing the Centre, in particular finance the construction of an enclosure for the tigers, an area of ​​1 ha and all the necessary plastic surgery tiger Zhorik. 

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