Free an Innocent Man!

  • by: Julie Tran
  • recipient: Fresno Superior Courthouse

Please sign this petition to free Tyler Suong from jail! He had an unfair trial in which over 14 of his rights were violated. The result of this trial was the conviction of child molestation, his sentence is for 75 years to life. Just some mistakes were:

  • tampering with evidence
  • deliberately ignoring facts
  • deliberately ignoring eye witness testimony

I am not exaggerating. This is appalling and should NOT be permissible in a court of law. He should not have to stay a day longer. Tell the Fresno Courthouse that this is unfair and wrong!


Tyler Suong is a hard working family man whom focused his life on family, work, and God. He fought hard to get custody of his daughter whom he dedicated his life to. At age 13, his daughter's life went into a different direction. She was addicted to drugs. She has asked her father if she was allowed to wear make up and as any good parents, he said she was too young. Therefore, she ran away. Once caught by the police and questioned, she claimed that she ran away due to her father forcing her to perform oral sex on him. Why did the court not look into the lifestyle of the young teen and knew that she was heading in the wrong direction? Why not help her father correct her behavior before its too late instead of putting him in prison?

His niece, Navy Lee, whose family envies him for his success in life decided to accuse him of the same thing but said it had happened 15 years ago in a 3 bedroom apartment. How can this happen if it was only a 2 bedroom at the time and no one in the household worked? Thats 6 adults in the house that never worked. Could she possibly been raped?  This is someone whom he helped get a job at his workplace and bought gifts for like any other family member. Why now would she say something? All she wanted was a quick way to sue for money.

During the trial numerous problems arose. Tyler Suong's evidence was not looked at nor was any of his witnesses spoken to. He was not able to testify for himself in court. Navy lee changed her story numerous times. And even his own daughter did not know that he had a major scar on his genital area. There was no DNA test done.  Even the jury admitted to the lawyer after the trial that they pre-judge Tyler and he was guilty in their mind and did not want to hear any evidence he had.

Over fourteen of Tyler's rights and were broken and tossed aside. He did not receive a fair trial. He was clearly guilty until proven innocent, and no one made the attempt to find him innocent. His sentence is to serve 75 years or for the rest of his life. Does this seem right for someone who has never went to jail or have any encounters with the law enforcement?

Rape is a terrible thing, but so are false accusations. Both of those problems plague our society. If we go to war with each other without proof and don’t treat people as innocent until proven guilty, then we will waste our resources and effort while sexual victimization and false accusations still plague our society.

Please sign the petition to free Tyler. By signing the petition you are saying that Tyler's trial was unfair and the ruling should be thrown out. He has already served some time, and he shouldn't have to stay there one day longer.

Please note that Tyler Suong has not received a fair trial nor was any of his evidence looked into. There was not any proper investitation that has been done. Please give this man a fair trial so his innocence can be proven.
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