Free Orcas and Dolphins from Slavery in Tenerife

In the Atlantic Ocean are some Paradise islands especially for Northern European tourists. Canaries Islands. One of them is Tenerife. Here are many Orcas and Dolphins in captivity to entertain these visitors in a place called Loro Parque..

In this German link you can see pictures and videos of all the animals in the park.

Dolphinariums is a nightmare for a Dolphin

It does look happy as it runs around the pool, the dolphin with the cute nose. And hula-hop ring over the water jump, it also blithely through. To experience most tourists visiting the dolphinarium.

Reality is just completely different. Dolphins in captivity do not thrive at all. They are trained to make impressive leaps through rewards with treats. Or punishment, if not performing the rehearsed drills.


No space - many diseases
A dolphin is trained to behave unnatural to the audience's sake.

When the show is over, the dolphin is often left to themselves without the opportunity to live out their natural needs. Had it been in the high seas could flood some of the 80 km which is natural for it to travel daily. It can not do so in a pool. Besides the small space, struggling dolphin too often with wounds from sunburn because the water level in the basin is low. It may get eye infections because of chemicals in the water, infections sometimes resulting in blindness.

That dolphins suffer in captivity, several studies show. Autopsy dolphin shows, for example, often obvious signs of ulcers and stress. They typically die of stress-related illnesses or chlorine poisoning. Actual live dolphins in the pool is rarely more than five years. In the wild they live up to 40 years.

The intelligent mammals is simply not being stimulated enough within limited pool areas and are forced to live outside his own species, as it normally is closely linked. It is estimated that about every second dolphin, which is shifted from the sea to dolphinariums die within the first three months in captivity.

Please help us to free these Dolphins and sign
Thank you

To Whom It Concerns,
I am writing today to encourage Loro Parque to relinquish the whales and other marine mammals and fish back to their natural habitat. These beings have been subjected to horrific enslavement, imprisoned by you, forced to endure inadequate space, inferior medical treatment and care, lack of companionship, and involuntary training, made to perform tricks to the delight of apathetic and ignorant audiences. As the result of a more attentive and compassionate group, individuals comprising a large global audience concerned with these animals have been respectfully offering scientific and medical evidence establishing the debilitating natures to which you expose them. Sadly, however, corporate greed and indifference have resulted in their deteriorating mental and physical states. By refusing to release them, you are establishing your approval of animal cruelty, and I am appalled to learn of your deliberate involvement in the exploitation of animals.
Although you may assert that humane protocols must be followed in accordance with International Marine Care standards, the visual evidence validates the position that these directives are often ignored in favor of park management profit; nevertheless, establishing a threshold of humane treatment is ambiguous at best, these standards being implemented by those with questionable interests, its oversight managed by those who exploit animals for funds. Furthermore, although you may be unaware of such acquisition procedures, many dolphins are captured during a yearly, epic slaughter in Japan as documented in "The Cove", a chronicle of the savage and once secretive butchery as inflicted on these decidedly sentient creatures. As such, it is important to recognize that all animals, fundamentally valuable beyond monetary benefit, are being exploited in demonstrably cruel and unnecessary manners. Additionally, many of these captive animals still display behaviours typical of those calling to their family members while other animals continually languish as well.
I hope you make the compassionate decision to discontinue your imprisonment of them and reject complicity in the unethical industry that profits from their suffering. However, as long as you continue to unnecessarily capitalize on the exploitation, imprisonment, and maltreatment of them, I will not financially support you. It is important to recognize that consumers are increasingly rejecting those businesses that are complicit in the suffering and unnecessary treatment of animals by shifting their loyalties to those companies that do not participate in the exploitation of them, and I hope that you will extend such an ethical and empathetic gesture as well.
I look forward to a positive response.

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