Free Theo Theodoridis-Justice for Theo- 'Pay It Forward'

 To whom it may concern,We are a group on Facebook, our members from all over the world. Most of us did not know Theo or the fact that he was in prison for such a long time without the benefits of a trial. Until just recently. Having just found out about his situation, we Started a Facebook Group called-'Free Theo Theodoridis-Justice for Theo'.It was started June 4th, 2010. In just a short period of time, we have grown from 0 members to over 1800 members and we are still growing. We are shocked at how Theo has been treated and weep everyday for him and others in his situation who are just pawns in the drug trade. Theo was sick when he was coerced by a friend/cop into muling the drugs for people who used him in his darkest hour, yet Theo  was smacked with a very heavy sentence of 18 years. It took this friend/cop over two years to persuade Theo into doing this deed, which proves that Theo was an addict and not interested in trafficking. Had the court found him guilty of trafficking he would have gotten a life sentence. We do not understand how any modern day society can force shame upon someone who is sick. Someone who takes drugs is not mentally strong, they are dependent and need help, not to be stuck in a cell with nine other people with the same problems. We have been spreading Theo's story and the story of how he has been shunned because he fell from grace and found himself in a black hole. We have two stories on FOX NEWS and intend to scream at the top of our lungs about the sad state of mental distress that Theo finds himself in due to the lack of compassion of the Greek courts. 18 years for a first offense for someone who is an addict is beyond horrendous. He has already suffered over a year and a half with no mental support, no support for his drug addiction or any other support. How do you intend to rehabilitate someone who is sick without the proper faculties and facilities to do so. Theo is a man who did so much good during his years as a model. He did much for charities for those in need, especially children. Theo is known for his good heart. Where is the charity for him when he needs help? Why is he being forced to crawl on his belly through garbage in order to prove himself worthy of compassion? Why are so many blind to his extreme plight? He needs compassion and not condemnation. Tattiana's phone interview with Theo brought up a point that we expected from the courts and that is a second chance. A second chance for a man who deserves to be pulled out of the gutter and made whole again. How does a man achieve wholeness without the having loving hands placed upon him and mercy granted to him? How do those who claimed him when he was famous, now bury him with his own dark demons? He should have been granted rehab from the start and seen by qualified therapists. How do you fix someone who wallows in his own shame and shame steeped upon him by the very people that he brought glory to?Go to YOUTUBE and see how many Videos have been made for Theo. The world is saddened by what has been done to him because he was used in his most desperate hour by people who prey on addicts like Theo. Theo is a victim in this and if the courts cannot see that, then shame on them for their shortsightedness and their coldheartedness. People like Theo need help, not to be thrown away.This is the link to our Facebook Group. Please visit it and discover how the world is watching the courts and what they are doing to their 'Fallen Son'."No man walks in the shoes of perfection, so let no man cast the first stone at the fallen."- Every single one of us knows someone with an addiction.The last thing the addicted need is more shame and more isolation. That is what created their addiction in the first place. The heros to Theo are his family, friends and Nancy his ex-wife who have stood by Theo during this dark time. They know the goodness of his heart and won%u2019t abandon him because of it. Others should follow their example and rise up to help Theo heal.  Please join Theo's Facebook Group and sign the Petition that is in Discussions. Sign here too, if you would like. Thank you for your time.
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