Stop False Accusations~Freedom for Justin!


Too many wrongful convictions because of false allegations. Convictions based on circumstantial evidence with NO proof at all. It can happen to anyone... No one is safe from such accusations!!! It does not have to be true ---you do not have to be guilty---to be found guilty and your life and your loved ones lives changed FOREVER!! It could be your Husband, Brother, Father, Son, Grandfather, Uncle, Grandson, Nephew, Godson...
                          NO ONE one is safe!!!

The number of wrongfully convicted men are on the rise because of the number of women who are using accusations as solutions and/or to justify their own wrong behavior. Men are then convicted on a "He said, She said", bases and circumstantial evidence only and are made to register on Megan's law. Innocent lives are ruined because these women can get a way with it. But what happens to the true victims of domestic violence and sexual offenses?

Let's focus on the actual crimes and NOT the "He said, She said" epidemic that we have going on. Let's make these women be responsible for their wrong doings. If there is not proof positive then free these men from their cells. Megan's law should be for proof positive child sexual offenders. Start a new registry for those that are actual criminals for the victims above 16 years old.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this letter. We totally appreciate it!

We understand the need for Megan's Law but it has been taken way too far. There are entirely too many cases of "He said, She said"  that the men are being incarcerated for years and being made to register on Megan's Law and it is NOT fair. If there is NOT proof positive that such a occurance took place then there should be NO incarceration and NO case! Justin Mease has been incarcerated since October 2007. It is all because of a "he said, she said" basis and it is wrong. 
Please read~

This can happen to anyone. Too often the accuser fears coming forth with the truth because of the possibility of being incarcerated themselves. In this case she was threatened by the prosecutors. Please look into this and see how many more are wrongly convicted.

Stating your innocence behind bars is like saying you are a felon out on the streets. How can one say they are guilty of something they did not do? It is hard but being done because it is the only way to get out of jail without sitting there for years. Please... Help!!! Free this young man and stop putting others behind bars based on false allegations. Investigate... do not just assume...!

Thank you again for taking the time to read this and also for looking at the link provided.

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