Free the Horses

As an employee of a local Chicago carriage company, I have seen the inner workings of neglect and can no longer allow the exploitation of these horses. All carriage rides should be closed down to let these horses be free to live a happy and healthy life. The animals are not only unkepmt, but their water, food, and overall living conditions are appalling. The people that work for the companies are not required to have any experience with horses and then are improperly trained by other people who have no experience with horses. Some of the going-ons in the stable include disgusting water buckets that have also been used for mucking feces out of the stalls, the food supply is open for rats to get to, the manure that is removed from the stalls is kept next to the food supply, they are not groomed and are covered in mud most of the time, they are dehydrated and constantly froth at the mouth, they have open sores and are still sent to work without medical attention, these sores are cause by improper grooming of the horse and lack of cleaning the tack used to attatch the horse to the carriage.The carriage drivers are responsible for grooming before and after the horse is sent to work and this task is hardly ever done as most people ahve no experience with horses, their hooves are unkempt and most are cracked because they are forced to run on concrete and are never conditioned, some drivers drink/use illegal drugs during their work shift, my first night training my instructor had a gallon jug of box wine under his seat and proceeded to drink the whole thing. That only covers some of the things I have seen. You get the idea. Once we win in Chicago we can have more ammo to stop neglect in other cities such as New York, St. Louis and so forth. I have a link below to see other photos I was able to take without being noticed. This can be an easy fight to win if we join together to Free the Horses! Thank you so much!!!

We the undersigned have determined the working carriage horse to no longer be an adequete method of tourism in Chicago and seek to have all carriages companies closed for operation. Based on animal abuse/neglect that takes place where the horses are kept, it is inhumane to allow working horses to live in such meager conditions. Thank you for understanding the urgency to stop animal abuse so prevalent on the streets of Chicago.
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