No artificial kneecaps

I cant help but cringe when i hear about people that want artificial kneecaps.
It's even hard to bare the thought of it sometimes!
 Its like tattooing your temples then plastering over them with disgusting irrelevant sideburns or slaughtering an Eel then turning it into a lampshade followed by  eating Georgie Pie for Lunch.
There is something truly wrong in modern society.
A young man approached me a few weeks ago that just got back from South Korea after having a top surgeon swap a perfectly good knee cap to one thats made out of Eucalyptus.
The reason he did this he says was:
  " My father had it in for me when I left school becuase I spent all day on the internet  and chatting to my friends via sms.
He made me  work for him and his business for 12 hours a day, 6 days a week trimming hedges, mowing lawns and spraying weeds. My body was not conditioned to this type of physical labour. I was always grumpy and fatigued from having no life.
I ended up having a nasty fall on a property at Ocean Beach whilst  spraying weeds.
My right kneecap collided with a fence post during the fall. I thought I wasn't hurt at first but after the adrenalin stopped pumping through my body I realized my kneecap was in agony.
This pain continued for several weeks. Not even Physiotherapists or straight vodka could ease this sensation so I thought my only other option was for a full kneecap replacement.
I went to the most trusted name in kneecap replacement which happened to be in South Korea. The operation was led by a man called Dr Mathu Fendt.
Now I have a kneecap made out of Eucalyptus and now I feel to embarrassed to even leave the house unless I am wearing trousers.'"

All I ask is for people is to sign this petition to help eradicate these money making vultures that  feed off our physical catastrophes.

Lets all try and seek  the natural solutions to our physical problems in future.

The options are endless with a positive mindset ,a pair of night vision goggles and a lambs carcass in every pantry.
                                                                                                      Thankyou, Yoshi.
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