Governments of the world; fund this Lab Meat!

As an omnivore I appreciate the need for many people to include meat in their diet, it is after all the 'brain food' that got us to where we are today. However, we now stand upon both the cusp of greatness and that of calamity. Greatness, in that we can now work out (through our understanding of nutrients and science) ways to avoid meat and stay healthy as well as making meat in a lab for those of us who have more picky guts. And calamity, being the fact that our consumption of meat now requires us to oblitorate huge tracks of forest -the earths lungs- whilst pumping out tonnes of methane from doomed animals rectums. Methane being 20 x worse for global warming than CO2.
This Laboratory Grown meat is safer bacteria wise, does not require the untimely death of a creature, does not require vast fields to grow in, does not produce the fore mentioned methane and god only knows how many different flavours they could come up with in time.
Pumping millions perhaps billions of pounds/dollars into this is a no brainer. Lets save the world. And if Labs bother you, just remember where all the cures for diseases come from.
To pump as much funding into Lab Meat research as humanly possible to stop deforestation, animal slaughter and global warming through methane release and a lessening ability to absorb CO2 (due to tree loss).
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