Gabby must have justice 
This is a young girl Gabrielle.  She has been forced to start a life long battle. In July 2006,she attended a daycare center in Cape Giradeau, Mo. While being there she was attacked by an individual. At 6 months old, Gabby was left with permanent life threatening injuries.
Only an adult could cause such force upon this innocent little child. She had a starburst fracture in her skull & was hanging on for her dear life while more bruising appeared as the day went on. Along by her side was her savior, Grandma Treasa & all her family. Gabby went through 6 surgeries trying to fight to stay alive. She fought hard and pulled through all of those battles.
Yet, the individual that has caused her & her family all of this pain & suffering has not been brought to justice.
As of this present day 2008, Gabby is faced once again to fight for her life. Gabby is experiencing tremendous seizure activity in her brain. The meds that she is currently on are not working and the doctor's are concerned about Grand Mal seizures. She is now on stronger meds & will be monitored 24/7 She may have to be admitted for observation once again in St.Louis. Her doctor's have stated that brain injuries are very unpredictable.
 So why in the world isn't this sick person in jail at least! Why is he out on the streets doing as he pleases while Gabby & family are suffering through this awful time someone has placed upon them. They didn't ask for this. He choose to harm & hurt her. He should be brought to justice!
At only 3 years old she is on her fourth brain surgery and now the family is being told that because a doctor failed to pin point an exact time that this occured there is no way to convict.
I say there must be a way. There must be some thing that can be done. Please if we stand as one voice, we can make a big difference for this innocent child who was assulted, and because she had no voice of her own they will walk.
Please join me in urging the District attorney to stand up on her behalf and help to do exactly all that is neccesary to bring this person to justice, for the sake of the family and all the children who suffer unwillingly at the hands meant to care for them.
Time will run out faster then we think. We must act quickly.
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