Gamers Against "Soldier of Fortune: Payback"

This is the official online petition where gamers worldwide can be heard for their outrage and disappointment with the release of Soldier of Fortune: Payback.

After slaving away hours upon hours and years upon years of playing SOF2, this is how Activision chooses to repay us? Gamers cannot even communicate on a multi-player game? We cannot use our keyboard to select a player-name? No options for crosshairs? No advanced graphics/settings options? Why does a game, which took over 5 years to create, feel like it was rushed to be made in a week?

We will not stand for this. We demand Patches/Fixes.
For over 4 years, has been dedicated to upholding the Soldier of Fortune experience alive and will continue to do so.

If you are a true Soldier of Fortune fan and were disappointed, we hope you join us in our fight to make things right! View our Letter for more details. (link below)

This letter is regarding your newly released game, Soldier of Fortune: Payback (SOF 3).
This is to inform you that Activision has dealt great grief to more than 200 dedicated and loyal fans
and currently, I am only talking about just one of the hundreds of online gaming communities.

However, I am sure this is the same case throughout most of the Soldier of Fortune communities.

You may be wondering why and to answer that question, I advise to please take a brief look at our
Front page Game Review and Petition against SOF 3.

To this day, NoTagGaming.Com (NTG) has been committed to keeping the Soldier of Fortune community alive.
For almost six years now, we have been slaving away hours playing a game we love SO MUCH.
For those that never got around to getting the full version, we have supported your very simple MP Test Demo as well.
This Soldier of Fortune community, along with many others, has been dreaming of an SOF 3 release for ages.
We have been patiently waiting for any hint of release information, disregarding ill rumors, and even fighting to keep the spirit of Activision's brilliant game alive.

However, with the release of this highly anticipated game, we were shocked to realize that Activision did not seem
To give this project even a significant amount of consideration. The valuable fundamentals that gamers adored in the previous installments of Soldier of Fortune 1&2,
Were absolutely NO WHERE to be found. For what is a multiplayer game without a communication interface?
We were utterly mortified to see there was no in-game chat available. Furthermore, we were disgusted at the lack of options the interface offered.
Not everyone has had the privilege to upgrade their PC's, so having an advanced graphic settings feature to turn down the demands would have been great.
Still further, the interface lacks much detail that we previously enjoyed in SOF 2. The score table can't even consist of a kill/death ratio, or a ping tracker?
Where are the easy configurable settings for moving, shooting, and switching weapons?
Most importantly, where is our beloved lean feature that originally set apart Soldier of Fortune from any other First Person Shooter on the market?

If we knew this was in stock, we would have GLADLY waited longer for Activision to complete this game and not rush to release it.
The shear disregard of these simple yet very crucial features, which Activision seems to have forgotten to implement,
are completely crippling what otherwise would be another amazingly enjoyable and successful game.

We are not asking for a complete new release or our money back.

In fact, after reading such horrible reviews from all around, many Soldier of Fortune fans did not even wish to purchase the game.

You can see for yourself on the Forums of any SOF fan website.

We are only hoping for your cooperation and understanding of very simple requests for a chat interface and server side controls.

We hope Activision takes another look at the previous SOF 2, and works to release some major patches/fixes in the very near future,
For all of its disappointed Soldier of Fortune: Payback customers.

We wish to thank you for your time and hope to receive your immediate response.


Rob @ NTG, along with all of the signed petitioners.
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