Georgia Anti-Bullying Legislation SB461

This is to clarify the intent of this petition, as I have received several communications that were insulting, harrassing and included threats of legal actions.  Some have misused the petition's original intent and did not fully inform others of my good faith effort to meet those that were supporting SB 461 half way.

There were several of us that are AGAINST SB 461 and the unintended consequences of the language used in the bill.  In order to meet those in support of SB 461 half way - I and others agreed to support SB 461 WITH REVISIONS ONLY.  I and others did NOT support the original SB 461, but apparently only some individuals were being informed and part of the process behind the scenes in drafting and offering amendments to SB 461.

After I realized the petition was being misused and only "certain" individuals were being informed, while others were not able to see the entire amendment or be a part of the process.  I had to keep my promise to those that were opposed to SB 461 unless it included protection to students, parents and "good" educators from being bullied by some who work in the school system that do bully children, parents and good educators. SB 461 needs to include:

Functional Behavior Assessments, 
Positive Behavior Intervention Plans 
Equal Protections and Legal Representation for ALL, including students, parents and good educators  No immunity for school personnel who do bully our children, parents and good educators, while our children are expelled, suspended, sent to detention centers and funneled through the school to prison pipelines. 

Some in the community started using the petition to imply that those of us against SB 461, were in agreement with amendments they were offering.  While we agreed to certain amendments, the language did not go far enough to protect the children, parents and "good" educators.

We asked time and time again to see the amendment in it's entirety, before we could FULLY support SB 461.

In order to keep the original intent and clearly define the reason for this petition and it not be used as supporting SB 461 - with the amendments no one has seen.  I am keeping my promise to those that signed the petition who were and currently still are against SB 461 unless we all see the full amendments BEFORE we support SB 461.  This is to ensure our children, parents and good educators are FULLY Informed, Protected and SB 461 not be used to criminalize and put even more children, parents and good educators at risk or increase the current school to prison pipeline in Georgia. 

This petition is AGAINST SB 461, as is and we will NOT agree to support it, unless we see any and all amendments BEFORE we can agree to support it.  We tried to meet others half way, but that was used as a way to confuse others.  Please remove your name or contact me privately and I will gladly remove your name if you fully support SB 461.  If there are any questions regarding this petition, please contact me. 

Original wording:

We, The People ask our leaders in Georgia to pass SB 461 with revisions to protect all "persons" from Bullying in Georgia Public Schools.

Make our schools safe and stop the bullying of ALL persons in Georgia Public Schools.

We the undersigned agree and add our signature to this petition, in hopes that our leaders in Georgia hear our voices for them to serve and protect the public interest in Georgia.

Please stop the bullying of our children, parents and educators in Georgia Public Schools.  Stop the bullying from school system attorneys, administrators and others in our education system that bully our children and parents in Georgia Public Schools. 

Pass Georgia SB461 with Revisions and include the word "persons" in this important legislation, for the public safety of our children, schools and communities in Georgia.

New wording since the original petition language was misused to support the efforts of some and not others.

Those that sign AFTER April 4, 2008 agree:

We, the undersigned do NOT agree to support SB 461, unless we see can review the language and ALL amendments in WRITING BEFORE we can agree to support SB 461.  The language must include equal protections for children, parents and good educators in Georgia that are being abused and bullied by some employed and involved with Georgia Public Schools.  We must see this language BEFORE we can support SB 461. 

The current language will continue the Fox watching the Hen House Syndrome that currently allows the bullying by school personnel on students, parents and good educators. 
Respectfully Submitted,

Georgia Citizens concerned about children and families throughout Georgia!

I am sorry for the inconvenience, but I am tired of people not fully informing others and trying to bring my integrity into question and using the media to blur the lines on this issue. 

Thank you

Carmen Allen
Georgia Education Advocate
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