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Health aspects

In principle a vegetarian food is possible with well-balanced eating habits without hesitation. Meat is not absolutely necessary for the cover of the protein need. Important is a varied vegetarian food and a combination of various protein carriers in order to upgrade thus vegetable protein over animal protein. The need of the B vitamins can be covered about the specific choice of wholemeal products and also milk and milk products.
The call of the vegetarian food as a defective eating behaviour is not quite right. Since all vitamins and mineral substances can be also taken up from purely herbal products – here  they are often even in higher concentration than in the meat.

More and more youngsters suffer from illnesses which are due to a wrong and injurious food. Also for youngsters the vegetarian food is recommended.

Ecological aspects:

- If all people limited her meat consumption, the output could be significantly reduced by methane and laughing gas - to both most intensive agriculture gases.

- The agriculture puffed in 2005 still 14 percent the greenhouse gas ejected  into the atmosphere.

- Up to now the output has increased steadily. The gases originate if fields are fertilised. Already the feed production for cows, sheep and goats goes of pressing of the climate.

- 70 percent of the areas under cultivation of the world are used to bring 50 billion animals on the table every year. Daily 30,000 hectares of rain forest are cleared in addition. Every third grain is fed to fattening animals: However, they move only ten percent of the feed in meat.

- If we lived vegetarian instead of to give the plants to the animals, we could feed 10 times more people.

- 15,000 litres of drinking water are necessary for 1 kilogramme of meat. For the Factory Farming hundreds tonnes of antibiotics are given yearly.

- 5kg food are needed to produce 1kg of meat.

Ethical aspects:

Many people (including me) renounce meat, because the homicide of an animal was connected with the consumption of meat and today animals are held often under very bad conditions (Factory Farming).

More than 50 billion animals are killed yearly worldwide to the consumption and they endure intolerable psychic and physical tortures and must die then.

If you stop eating animals, you will save an animals life.

We have a choice, the animals have not!





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