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Mr. President and White House Staff . TPI  can offer Global Solution of Problems provided action on petition is taken ASP that is causing delay in Mega project  


My highest compliments to President and his team for interaction with public and measures taken for revival of economy. Global Peace : Every one is requested to sign petitions for ending terrorism . You may also join without displaying your name. Petitions links are given below:-

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TPI has offered over 0.5 million free predicted solutions at all levels. Integrated solution based on Borderland Sciences, cryptanalysis, forecasting techniques Delphi, Scenarios and multi scenarios, war gaming and other spiritual techniques. We attach no claim with free predicted solutions. Error correction techniques and analysis may be carried out by users.

An analysis might be carried out if I can be of any use for establishing global peace by ending terrorism. I have been subjected to over 30 killing attacks, killing of over 10 members of my family and losses in millions. I have given details at petitions at Care-2, Peace pink, yahoo and other comments. Mega project research work aimed at establishing peace and security at global level by ending terrorism. I desire global board of directors sponsored by UNO to come forward for benefits of all.

I offer 1st decryption of Harappan Scripts in a century; the decrypted secrets not yet published have solution to many problems. The strategic location of Pakistan offer global trading of $ 7.5 billion per year to global community, oil and gas trading of over $ 15 trillions. I have been trained by over 250 foreign telecomm firms; I had lot of interaction with my friends from many countries as class fellows, R&D Engineer at Research Establishment, visit to Thailand, Ministry of Interior Saudi Arabia Border Guards, as operational engineer ,as Zonal Manager of NGO and service in the army. I have given lot of material at Internet. My friends , colleagues , group members and others can carry out an analysis of mega project including integrated energy , renewable energy , befouls , safety and security of global trading, safe train link, herbal foods , new employments , new concepts in housing , overhauling of education systems , innovations and integration of new global technologies and many others.. We must establish an accountability system to stop official terrorists and corrupt gangs failing all the global projects. 

Cracking of Terrorist Gangs and Accountability of Killers: %u201CIt is easy to reach the killers if motives are known%u201D Sherlock Homes

The actual terrorists the revenue department 17%, hired killers police 19%, utility services Wapda, gas, telephone, local administration and Numberdar 13%; political gang%u2019s outlaws 11% have evolved corruption and killing technologies since 1948. The lower courts and their staff, lawyers and their staff are also part of injustice.

The analysis shows that the virtues and service to humanity has been decreasing during the century. We find increasing trends towards lack of accountability systems, injustice, increasing corruption and increasing terrorism at global level. Social workers, activists, anyone in press and media or others are killed, witnesses are killed or made salient, records are destroyed and no laws are accepted in Pakistan  

30 year research work: Who is Actual Killer of Activist Ghani: Abuser or Mental Destroyer? Or terrorist gang

Aziz s/o Zaman , his nephew Zarf s/o Manure Be and other nephew Rabbi s/o Wayalat  all 3 had been abusing one of the 3girls abused by Aziz and nephew Zarf though Rabbi also tried 3rd one. Aziz, Zarf and Arif grandsons of Aziz%u2018s Aunt Sahib Jee of 1st lot of frauds cheat and abuser of almost all poor girls where ever they could lay their hands. DNA test might few illegal children of these abusers and mental destroyer gang. Father of abused girl Shelo got really tortured when youngest son was abused

 %u201CThere was time people remained worried for honor of their daughters but now the honor of the boys is not even safe%u201D, He talked to me before his death.

%u201C Would you ask these abusers Aziz and Rabbi not to come home at  least for a week or so because my sons are home? %u201C , mother of Shelo requested al most weeping , she was being cursed and abused by 2 sisters Manure and Zebun the master mind mental destroyers and killers.

Pregnancy of Shelo from abuser Aziz and Zarf was to be finished ASP thought the mother of the girl and she requested Ghani being social workers and kind too every one to pay for it.

Shelo was caught red handed by Farina wife of Zarf and she talked out spreading the news in the entire county and they were going to divorce each other.

%u201CLook girl, your mother is also listening hence just try to understand once for all how to deal the abuser ----- --- %u201C, I told the girl

%u201CBut he called her %u2018mother%u2019 and he also told you that %u201Cshe is sitting as my mother%u201D so she is technical divorced%u201D, Said the mother supporting many others. %u201COh that Zarf, writing as father of the son of his sister, is he husband to his sister, people ask %u201C, said another

%u201CWould you tell this barking wife to shut up defaming me all around in the county, I no longer have any contacts with these abusers%u201D, Shelo requested

%u201CThese are abusers and dishonorable lot, just say good by to them, they have crossed all limits of decency%u201D, my father Ghani ordered me

%u201CBut Aziz swears that the pregnancy of Shelo can not be attributed to him as indicated by the girl and her mother because his nephew and some others might have visited her.%u201D, I told my father

%u201CYou have not paid, I have paid for it, I observe daily what he does in the neighborhood, you are not here%u201D, father was not happy

%u201C You have to obey , I am different step mother not desiring fight between father and son, he calls my father as cheat and fraud and my brother Aziz as abuser but I keep quite %u201C my step mother Machine suggested me to leave her family as my father ordered.

Part-1, I have seen above mentioned methods quoted  by Sol  being used during over 30 killing attacks on me and others killed  by a land mafia killers supported by terrorists in Revenue , Police , local administration , courts staff , lawyers and staff and chain going up to members of parliament and ministers.

My burnt bed cover with a patch often reminds me, the 3rd death for few seconds using black magic by expert killer of 17 people. Eastern killing technology in most of the cases is same. Getting away all the money and depriving the target by asking , loans , making expenses very heavy on marriages and deaths , using thefts , frauds and fires or generating friendship with his family members raising his status for heavy expenses. Isolating the target from friends and families. The gang gives continuous mental tension to target and black magic is used to make him useless for any work. Trained blood hounds, hired killers, causing financial destruction, spreading bad things, poisoning and accidents and causing death by mental torture had also been used.       

There are killing gangs using many methods as mind control weapon. Beside my life time research work after facing over 5 killing attacks and many deaths termed as killings till my O level, I found just one gang using many weapons for destruction of mind before they killed at suitable time. " Your two sons got the job  , very simple thing in return , if boy is born then he was dead at birth" , midwife Nadra was ordered by daughters of  Numberdar ( county headman). Nadra declared me as girl on birth to avoid 2nd murder, however daughter of Numberdar used the tried method of terror on my kid brother Bashir as had tried on kid brother of my maternal grand father. Posing as witch or giant is common that was tried 3 times on me as 'A' level student coming on bicycle at dark nights. I had been told about death of my kid brother and many others on the places termed as residences of witches and giant but I ignored it. Blood hound was trained for wrestling with kids by Aziz s/o Numberdar that had welcomed me on 1st days of my admission in school. Model was killing by infection as my maternal uncle was killed but it gave me blessing to read syllabus while recovering from wound. No one ever caught this killing gang during last half the century when they used 17 killings to their advantage. 

Part-2 : How to evolve a strategy for solution to stop this mind destruction killing when killing gangs are linked with terrorist in revenue , police , electric , gas , local administration , court staff , gang of liars , parliament member sent by mafias , ministers and many others ? . They economical destroy the family, isolate it, give mental torture and use all type of killing methods to destroy generations. It took me over 20 years to crack the gangs and to put every thing on record but there is no one to listen. Normal target are widows, orphans, old and sick people and poor lot. No Law is accepted from bottom to top in Pakistan. Case No171 of 2010 at so called civil court of Chaudhry Asim Hafiz at Gujar Khan District Rawalpindi   titled Nazeer Vs Ghafur is on the record. I had only to pay the money not even knowing the court till one year and case registered by gang of terrorist as they want. I can not be legal heir to my parents but killers assuming 3 additional fathers the witness killed by them not legal heirs make them heirs. My land is at my name and at the name of my killed family members but killers has fake numbers including graveyards, school, roads and tracks and few of these replaced and mixed with numbers of killed witnesses.

This mental destruction killing is a serious crime and serious violation of human rights being sponsored at highest level supported by mafias. All resources must be integrated at UNO level at least to record these killings or to make an effort to reduce them. These gangs had been trying from 1904 to 1948 to evolve the killing and terrorist network. Revenue Department has destroyed over 0.35 million families and 0.45 million fake cases are in progress and they had looted away Trillions. They contribute 17 % in terrorism. Police 19%, electric, gas, telephone over 13 % and criminal, corrupt political gangs from 44 families over 11 % terrorism in Pakistan. I have over 74 applications given to all high ups but sold to terrorist by revenue for launching fresh killing attacks.

Part-III Some one has suggested going to press and media , I had been journalist with over 30 news papers and magazines and almost over loaded the global press and media and spent almost over 18 hours a day for directly throwing in the mouth of horses . What should I expect? Off course more killing attacks.

%u201C You might had not seen police and military police over here but today we have 3 statements and many more from civilians that you were at fault%u201D, The supervisor of killers with fake vehicle number , fake names and fake identity had given the paper for my signatures 

%u201C I had parked my car  off the road for turning and your truck hit it aiming at driver , please do remember me when all of you get it on your neck %u201C

There was a news item after many months that MS to President had died along with the family who had ordered this killing; it was my fault to write his Excellency as bastard who killed few thousands

Some one suggested calling the law though terrorist in power are above all laws. My car had just entered after over 100 km journey undertaken for giving the telegram to Chief Justice when I was called by the boss.

Boss had been very kind to send me $ 100 as extra pay with a message that higher boss has ordered that my work force over 300 out of 1000 would not get this extra pay.

%u201CYou dam would give the pay to every one, higher boss or no boss %u201C, I said after all diplomatic conversation failed

Boss AP picked up the telephone to order the agency , %u201C Kill this bastard , don%u2019t let him sleep , torture his family , shut done electricity , make number of calls , follow them all where ever they go , make their life miserable, we have got their winter bedding sent to new station , let them die in cold%u201D %u201C this is order from higher boss GLR  %u201C , he further added

They had killed over half dozen people and they were hanging few innocents to spare the actual culprits and my telegram or other wise had token sacking of higher boss and new boss was in the chair that was found of giving orders neglecting all the laws.

Truck paid $ 300 for my killing had hooked my car in such a way that it was on 2 wheels just a distance of 5 yards to be thrown in River Indus. Truck driver had to pull left to give away to truck coming out of bridge that unhooked my car. It might be a chance that vehicle with 6 armed persons following the truck was one of my vehicle.

 Now things are very clear, all laws and constitution destroyed, government and opposition joined in looting and corruption is decaled as the right of politicians hence killers are sponsored down the chain. The only solution is integrating all resources at UNO level to record these serious crimes or an effort can be made to reduce them

Let me extend thanks to large number of women trusting me as Manager Asia WGJG and President TIP Inc.  We have offered over 0.5 million free predicted solutions for global community. As a social worker , free herbal treatment and spiritual treatment provider , teacher and tutor , administrator of kid girls school and as decision maker of my county since childhood , I have following suggestions :-

  • Asian Women are dominated by men and they have to keep quite on women abuses and injustice and there is no one to listen to them.
  • Education system has failed to offer any solution and saying of some expert seems applicable %u201CEducation makes people more stupid as they are%u201D. Educated women if exist in neighborhood must extend help to women under injustice and abuse
  • Professional and technical education is essential for women, orphan children, handicap people and families of prisoners to survive.
  • A network of local headman ( Numberdar) , political gang criminal touts and even so %u2013called religious ethnic lot put false blame on women if they are widow, poor or have no mail in the house
  • Story of 4 women is on record involving 17 killings, over 12 killing attacks, over 17 magic killing attempts by illegal occupier%u2019s terrorists and killing gang.
  • Killing gang has hardly left any poor girl that was not rapped, blamed or abused.
  • Gang leader Police Constable Aziz posing him owing few additional fathers the person killed by them and additional grand father along with 2 nephews had been rapping the girl and finally she got pregnant. 
  • Paternal aunt Norian  of Aziz  died in 1946 at age 46   in the life of her husband M. Hasan equal to age of her father G. Hasan. She was grand daughter of his Uncle Sardar who died before 1904. Fraud gang has now made Norian as Nur Begum age 60 years died in 1950
  • Nur Begum is now wife, sister and daughter of her husband M. Hasan killed in 1948 at age 60 years thus his date of birth is 1888 and grand daughter of his uncle born in 1898 is now reborn in 1880. Grand daughter of uncle of M. Hasan was one generation younger almost half of his age but now she is 8 years senior.
  • Now M. Hasan is fake brother and fake grand father of Aziz. He is husband, father and brother of his parental aunt Norian and she is also paternal aunt of her husband father and brother.      
  • Aziz s/o Zaman now claims as Aziz s/o Imam Witness killed in 1948. His father in law Aslam   s/o Dost was launched on 4 ladies to occupy 20 canals of their land in 1960 when he was converted as Sarwar s/o Dost and mixed with Sarwar s/o Imam and written as Sarwar and Majeed and after his killing in 1966 and fake mutation got entered by 3 killed witness Aziz & Majeed s/o Zaman assuming this role after killing Reshma d/o Nur Hasan.     

Compliment for Catherine-2. I compliment Catherine for excellent draft  Dream for future send to me.   May I request all of educated women and all of our members to join together in Asia

To help victim women to send their grievances .

Women can not reach in revenue department, courts and police stations against abuses and injustices hence they must be helped to get their rights

  • There are many posts above President of Pakistan and there are super courts above Supreme Court, every thing is on record. Terrorist and killers don%u2019t accept any laws
  • The courts do not exist in many countries but they are a gang of injustice sellers supporting various mafias, criminal and corrupt political gangs. My self and 11 of witnesses are being humiliated, insulted, disgraced, killing / terrorist attacks on 3 old. Sick and crippled women continued since 2006. The 3 women are only survival of 3 families killed by terrorist gang.   


  • Educated women must help the victim women to reduce their miseries and we would welcome contributions/post at Women Global Justice Group.
  • Axiomatic Education Strategy for 21st Century presented by me at IEEEP Silver Jubilees celebrations at Lahore in 1995 is being donated to the group for revision and publication. We must include professional and technical skill programs in education system.
  • Case against the gang of Aziz could be million dollar case that would help in fund raising.
  • We have to use all possible methods for fund raising and we must integrate our effort with other NGOs to get the proper impact at government level. We might consider a white paper to counter the negative comments by corrupt, criminal and terrorist political gangs blaming NGO.
  • Let me compliment Catherine and all of distinguished members for their contributions to help women against abuses and injustice and their efforts to make dream for future as practical model for our community of global village.

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