GMO safety has not been tested, once released it cannot be contained, it places a direct threat upon our preexisting agricultural infrastructure, and it presents not a single, independently verified gain for our economy or food security. In addition it has been shown in several peer viewed studies to be a danger to human and animal health (6)(7)(8).

Many farmers support themselves, their families, and the local community by producing non-transgenic seeds and crops for a diverse range of customers.  GM crops threaten this distinction.  Pollen from GMO plants cannot be contained and can easily cross with vegetable relatives, threatening our region's biodiversity and the success of future crops.

GMO crops have not only failed to reach the yields promised by biotechnology firms, but they can't even produce as much food as conventional and organic farming methods (1)(2). They are a step back in agriculture, masked within the misleading rhetoric of the industry’s sales pitch of presupposed advancement, which is based upon no credible scientific data. They are a financial benefit to these corporations only, while the farmer (3), the environment (4) (5), the consumer, and all else suffer great loss. Every independent exploration of the purported benefits of these products has found them to be lacking in every way.

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We, the undersigned, do hereby demand that the illustrious members of this planet cease any and all proposed planting of GMO crops until:

1.  There is adequate monitoring and oversight of genetically engineered crops by the federal and state governments, necessary to ensure public health and environmental safety.                       

2.  There exists comprehensive safety testing on the effects of exposure to genetically engineered organisms in food.

3.  Farmers and growers who want to safegaurd their crops from GMOs have a safe and reliable method to do so.

4.  There is legal labeling of genetically modified foods, seeds or rootstalk.
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