GoAPE! Against Equine Slaughter - An Urgent Call to Action!

Under the guise of "caring" about the horse, certain pro-slaughter politicians, their friends and supporters, mostly breeders,  who support the re-opening of horse-slaughter plants in the USA,  have organized themselves under an umbrella-group called "The United Horsemans Front" but actually what they are is "United Horsemen" FRONTING as "caring about the horse," ..cause all they want to do is make a business out of slaughtering them. The "leader" of this group is none other than "Slaughterhouse" Sue Wallis, a state representative (politician) from Wyoming and horse-breeder who wants to be the first to open up a horse-slaughter plant in her own home town. Here is a link to a video where you can see her  asking permission to slaughter wild horses at a BLM meeting last year; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ekMtctRlJyM
After years of planning, beginning Jan. 3, 2010 through Jan 6, 2010,  they are holding their 1st Annual Horse-Slaughter Convention in Las Vegas this year...calling it the "Summit of the Horse."

The List of Guest Speakers reads like a Whos Who of the staunchest pro-horse slaughter advocates, and you can see a list of them and learn more about this "Horse-SlaugherFest" right here; http://www.united-horsemen.org/summit-of-the-horse/

As you can see, the cost of participation is not free, but they are inviting all interested parties to attend and we, as TRUE Friends of Equines and FOES of Horse Slaughter, feel it is important to have our voices heard on the anti-horse slaughter side.

We are making this petition in hopes that we might be able to compel some anti-horse slaughter orgs and individuals to participate in the Summit to pose the hard questions and counter the pro-slaughter arguements with our anti-slaughter facts. There will be small protest demonstrations on the outside of the building and all anti-horse slaughter advocates are welcome and encouraged to join, but educated, organized, polite voices are needed on the inside to participate in the talks and debates going on in the inside of the building. 

This petition is a call to all Americans Against Horse Slaughter to come to Las Vegas on Jan 3 through 6th to participate in these actions, inside or out, to have our voices heard on behalf of the anti-horse slaughter side. 

The Summit will be held at the South Point Casio and reservations are still available for both the Summit and Hotel Accomidations.  All the info you need is in the link previously listed above. 

This is an important and  golden opportunity to have our voices heard in a big way and to meet the opponents arguments head on and go point-for-point with them. 

Email Mulekist@Gmail.com  for more info. 

GoAPE! - http://www.freewebs.com/gojustice/

Friends of Equines FOES of Equine Slaughter; http://www.freewebs.com/friendsofequines/  

Thanks for caring!

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