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Going green is expensive! Often times to much for the home owner to do even with tax incentives. The renter is out of luck. Education has been great for the small stuff but the price is still out of reach for the average Joe. Please sign this petition for help from environmental agencies and take the extra time to e-mail this letter of action along with the petition.

   As much as we want government to do more for green energy, they are slow to act. We need to end our dependence on foreign oil now and collectively we can with your help. Please set a special donation fund to buy land and start building green energy that can be sold to the electric companies. Currently cold geothermal technologies could be use all over the united states, like that used at Chena Alaska. It is reliable and can be used 24 hours a day. It is also cheaper than natural gas. If people were to start seeing first hand how this technology works, if they were to here their neighboring cities were paying less for electricity then more would be built, and less people would say the technology is not their yet. They are expensive to build but a great long term investment at least 4 thousand years worth. We would like you to continue to work on legislation, but we want and need green producing energy now. You have the collective ability to start this action by requesting donations for buying land and building green power plants in areas that would affect large populations, and showing that it can be done. Cold Geo is a great way to do this because of the reliability, and the fact that it can be used every where. Profits from the plants could go directly to building more. Please join with other environmental protection groups to use your networking ability collect the funds needed to make this happen.

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