Guardians Against INHUMANE Euthanasia

To outlaw animal gas chambers & heartstick euthanasia
We the undersigned plead & urge you to put an end to cruel animal euthanasia by gas chamber & heartstick methods being used in U.S. shelters.As we are all aware the shelter workers are in physical health danger from the carbon monoxide being used & possibilty of chamber explosion which has already happened.The mental stress on these workers is also an issue as they see & hear the agony of the animals.These animals are being treated as if criminals which are not treated like this.It is a known fact that animals do not have the same reaction as humans when gassed.Even human suicides by carbon monoxide have been found to have suffered.These methods are being performed by non-professionals which even by a professional produces the same fear,agony & suffering.25-30 animals at a time can be stuffed into the chamber,screaming,howling,crying out,choking,vomiting,bleeding,fighting each other,urinating,deficating, clawing to get out while ripping their claws out & banging their heads against the chamber wall during this process,some even in carriers or traps or with muzzles on their snouts to make the horror even worse and  even different species mixed in together..Many convulse go into comas & are buried alive or thrown in the garbage alive.Pregnant & senior animals take longer to die.Some are taken from the shelter to veterinarian/vet tech schools to practice on & then returned to the shelter to die horrifically after their horror at the school.All animals take about 30-45 mins to die.Some are gased 2-3 times.These are living,breathing,feeling,innocent & speechless beings.Some have lost their homes,have known nothing but abuse & neglect,some are already injured or sick.In some places it's been ok to do 1 animal at a time since a group take longer-even 1 is cruel.There is not one humane aspect in this.It is totally unacceptable.We as a nation should be setting an example in being humane.The places where it has been deemed  appropriate to use gas on vicious dogs,any kind of wildlife and animals suspected of having Rabies is also unacceptable as there are other ways to euthanize  such as sedative darts,long extension syringe through the holes of traps & cat carriers,rabies poles,ect. and some shelters are not sticking to that one rule & are gasing other animals.In some of the shelters animals are mistreated,neglected and suffer going without food & water for hours before the chamber so they do not make as much of a mess.Heartstick method is also being performed where animals are stuck in the heart with lethal injection while awake & being held by the fur.This is the act of being stabbed in the heart and the heart itself can not be located directly on the first puncture  if animal is awake & moving & of course is horrifically painful unless animal is fully sedated so it requires more than one stab & animal is left lingering in the dying process.The best way is through IV (via a vein) quick & painless.We also highly oppose Dr.Ralph Houser,DVM holding workshops in North Carolina where he demonstrates these 2 horrific procedures on live animals and is paid for it.He makes these gas chambers,promotes & sells them .He does not follow AVMA guidelines which are already cruel-he just makes it worse and teaches others to do so in his workshops.We have animal cruelty laws & are trying to set an example to treat animals the right way with our youth so how does this atrocity exist?Please change your views & and stop telling legislation that this is acceptable on any level.We the people are a voice of the animals but you as veterinarians are the stronger voiceMany people to this day are still unaware & still finding out about these methods & are horrified & certainly do not want their tax dollars used on these inhumane methods.In Utah the shelters animals are being shot in the heads out by a sewer & dragging themselves off dying.We ask why is this cruelty happening,why are non professionals performing this & why the animals are not checked to make sure they are dead?Please help us outlaw the gas chambers which were a horrible & gruesome part of human history & should not exist anywhere in the U.S. or the world & all other cruel forms of euthanasia.All animals should have quick & painless lethal injection & checked to be sure they are dead before they are signed off as gone.We thank you for your time & understanding on this issue.WE Ask you to PLEASE help make Davie's Law pass!
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