This suit was filed on 3 November 2009 in Graz - Austria

We encourage all persons to sign this petition so this suit not fall into a file 13 within the worldwide governments.

File / Case #: 1 NST 241/09 F
Law Suit charges

Monika Unger

. /.

The CDC authority in America,
The United States government officials,
The European Union
WHO World Health Organization
The EMEA - European central regulatory authority for vaccines,
The PEI - Paul Ehrlich Institute,
The RKI - Robert Koch Institute,
The agency responsible for regulating vaccines in Austria,
The Republic of Austria,
Maria Rauch Kallat, former Health Minister,
Barrack Obama, President of the United States,
David Rockefeller, banker,
David de Rothschild, banker,
George Soros, banker,
Kathleen Sibelius,
Secretary of Health and Hygiene Department,
Janet Napolitano,
Secretary of Homeland Security;
Magret Chan,
WHO Director-General,
Health Minister,
Alois Stoger, Chancellor,
Werner Faymann,
Otfried Kistner,
Director of Virology at the Baxter,
Hartmut Ehrlich,
CEO of Baxter AG,
Noel Barrett,
CEO of Baxter AG,
Vaccine manufacturer, Novartis,
Vaccine manufacturer Glaxo Smith Klein,
Manufacture of Tamiflu, Roche,
Manufacturer of Relenza,
The Austrian Consumer Protection Agency,
Public Health Department Graz,
Dr Claudia Strunz,
ORF, Oscar Bronner,
Christian Rainer, 
Kronen Zeitung,
unknown - yet identified - involved.

Suit complaint in the following 20 points:

1) The said above are either directly or indirectly involved in staged and planned pandemic propaganda and or administration of the swine influenza H1N1, inorder to profit from a large portion of the worlds population, ergo: intentionally harming health and thus being directly or indirectly involved in mass genocide intentions by means of guile and deceit. One-sided reporting and misinformation.

2) Furthermore, there is probable cause to believe the WHO, the Pentagon and all the nations of the NATO countries are prompting mandatory vaccinations worldwide and unjustly issuing approval of the pandemic level 6 being direct cause of such global violation.

3) A private group, the Bilderbergers, for the attempt to install a so- called NWO - New World order. There is sufficient probable cause to assume most of the persons named above, have taken part in a secret conference in Greece.

4) Hinse law order 2005: during a pandemic level 6, all Rights of the people of all nations expire and move into the hands of the WHO and the UN. This was signed by Mrs. Maria Rauch-Kallat. This is probable cause to believe that the pandamie has been pre-planned.

5) Approval of the H1N1 vaccine, which has not been tested for safety and efficacy. Factual information on this vaccines effectiveness, harmfulness is to be collected and monitored after administering. This is considered a field experiment, and violates the Nuernberg Code. None of the single licensed authorities, can even ethically answer to this experiment. In Sweden, shortly after or during voluntary vaccination 5 people haved died after the vaccination. In Germany, a test patient has vomitted blood. In America a young athlete became ill 10 days after this vaccination diagnosed with GBS - Guillian Barre Syndrome. Ample reasoning to cease all mandatory efforts.

6) Misusing of authoritive, media, governmental  status by means and co-hersing fear and panic inorder to coherse citizens to a vaccination. Insufficient worldwide clearification inspite of worldwide envolvement.

7) Negligent fixation on pathogens as the cause of illness alone. This negligence, one might even say criminal fixation is based on highly questionable laboratory tests.

8) The vaccine is dispensed amoungst the human population without non-biased advisement of complications and evidence of vaccine safety, this being due to interests of manufacturers primarily being represented.  In the event of harmfulness not the manufacturer must prove that his preparation was not harmful, but rather the patient and his/her family must sacrifice and prove the opposite, possibly with his life or life long health impairment, for which he has no legal rights for compensation for.

9) There is no existence of non-biased evidence that vaccinations have any health benefits. No non-biased Proof of the Risk -Analysis which has been brought forth to the public.

10) Since this virus has merely been confirmed by the CDC, there are no other non-biased and independent institutions, that have scientifically isolated this virus and this confirms the suspicion, that it was merely invented by the latter to profit worldwide on health adversions which thrive thereof in the human body. The monopoly of the CDC is therefor assured. The WHO has presented un-verified and un-audited statements of CDC. Possible event of a reconstruction of the Spanish flu virus by the CDC, the H1N1 Virus reacts the same, typically young adults are affected.

11) There is no scientific proof on the Risk Analysis of Tamiflu nor that Tamiflu prevents nor cures the H1N1 virus / swine flu. Tamiflu inhabits a blood thickner and can cause suffocation. 

12) Tamiflu is an inhibitor of sialidase, an enzyme for life in all cells. An increased dose of sialidase leads to thickening of blood and thus oxygen deficiency, furthuremore suffocation. The planned mass vaccination in the fall /winter 2009 causes massive symptoms due to vaccines, which are assembled to be caused by the virus and therefore this panic, then patients and non-patients are encouraged to the massive dose of Tamiflu. Sneakily persons today are recommended a dose of Tamiflu, which dosage has doubled since 2007. Who is liable for it when millions of people are choking because of Tamiflu.

13) Using Nano particals within the vaccine. Unwanted and unknown Nano particals will be passed down genectically to generations DNA, causing change in human DNA. This is an illegal, inhuman and selfish act for the persons responsible to be allowed to change the DNA of future generations merely because of greed in profit and without the consent of the individuals. 

14) Formaldehyde is in the vaccine Celvapan. Formaldehyde has been banned from the furniture industry, because the vapor alone was carcinogenic. This is known by all officials. In our vaccines, it is definitely an obvious carcinogenic / killer and thus proves pre-controled mass genocide.

15) There is probable cause to believe the composition of vaccines, have under strict secrecy been changed. If that is so, it is not legal, to pass this vaccine through registrational process. To alter a substance after its registration as well as to even create one which is harmful to the human body and dispense it as not harmful is not only irresponsible it is illegal.
We allow streetwise "drug dealers" in our world to be prosecuted whileas our government officials promote the same situation, as long as they gain profit from such, yet these are not allowed to be prosecuted.

16) Vaccinations can be considered a physical injury to the body. There must be a solid base of the health benefits of vaccines, in order for citizens of this world to be able to make a mature decision. According to the IfSG - Infection Protection Act, no person shall be vaccinated in case of danger to life and health. Educational institues and Travel markets make it manadory that vaccinantions be administered.

17) Ingredients of the H1N1 vaccination, nor any other vaccine, are non declared - as they may fall under a so-called trade secret, a licensed authority (physican) never knows 100% whether it helps or hurts us, yet is held liable. The manufacture simply says, we must have confidence in this fact. The former pharmaceutical industry were irresponsible and malicious as humanbeings, for some crimes of Nazism and have now practically devoided this free ticket foundation for vaccines with so-called trade secrets. So the regulatory agencies, which should protect us, act in gross negligence, if not criminal. There is probable cause to the assumption that officials, ergo: worldwide, are being once again bribed inorder to make "the choice of profiting above the price of a human life". History is repeating itself, only much more sly and undercover.

18) In addition, the pharmaceutical industry have been "released of any responsibility against all law suits regarding this vaccine", as it have immunity of prosecution should victims endure injury due to vaccine . Such is contrary to any medical rule. Everyone is responsible for what he/she does, providing he/she is of legal age. But to, right from the onset, grant a free ticket is again gross negligence and criminal activity. This scenario reminded again and took its part in the Second World War, where a company IG Farben, experimented with humans.

19) The country government and Pharma Industry assumes no liability. Although it ordered, produced mandatory vaccines.

20) The only persons who can be held liable are the physicans who know nothing indepth about the ingrediants, as these indeed fall into this so-called trade secret of the pharma industry.

Professionals and independent witnesses testifing for the safety of all human beings, in all countries of this world are the following persons:

Hans TolzinDr.
Ruediger Dalcke
Dr. Stefan Lanka-Virologe und Biologe
Karl KrafeldFirma AEGIS CH
Dr. Loibner,
Anita Petek Dimmer von Fa. Aegis-ch
Angela Spelsberg,
Physcian und Epidemiolog,
Gerhard Winewski vom Kopp Verlag  

Monika Unger
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