Hedgehogs legal in CA

  • by: Alyssa
  • target: People to sign this to get enough to have hedgies legal in CA
I believe, just like PA and the other states, that these little hedgehogs should be legal in California too. I am now getting a hedgehog as a pet, and I am moving to California, and I found out that hedgies are illegal there too! I believe, so my little pet won't get harmed, we support each other in saving  these little creatures from harmful and painful experience for death. If you agree with me, sign.  I'm just going to say that hedgehogs aren't poisonous nor harmful and there is absolutely no reason to be making hedgehog illegal in some states and not others. If hedgehogs are legal in one states, they should be legal in all states!
We the undersigned believe that hedgehogs should be legal in all states at all times. Some children will die (Not literally) for a hedgehog and they can live in the illegal state for a hedgehog. Like the petition says, whats a hedgehog going to do, right? It is poisonous nor harmful and it couldn't possibly hurt you. It does have quills, but these quills aren't like needle, they feel very weird with texture. If you are with us and you believe and agree with this too, sign the petition because once this petition gets it's max. amount of signatures, it's getting printed out and miled to the P.U.S ( President of the United States!)
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