Schapelle Corby, dying in Bali Jail. Help Bring her Home!

Recently declared insane by an eniment Australian psychiatrist, the Australian Government stands by and does nothing. The Indonesian Courts sentenced this young Australian woman to 20 years for importation of 4.2kg of marijuana. Despite pleading by the defendant to have the drugs DNA tested, her baggage weighed and the bags fingerprinted, the trial went ahead without testing of this crucial evidence. This evidence would have set her free.

This petition to the Prime Minister of Australia is designed in the hope that diplomatic intervention will help in securing Schapelle Corby's release and return to Australia for proper psychiatric care. The psychiatrist has said that failure of the government to repatriate her will result in her dying in prison in Bali.

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Schapelle Corby's judicial review has failed. Now this once vibrant young woman is facing a 20 year jail sentence that will prevent her ever from having children and seeing them play happily in their own home. We need people power to help set her free.

The Hon. Julia Gillard
Prime Minister of Australia
Parliament house
Canberra ACT.

Dear Ms. Gillard

We, the undersigned, mandate you to address the incarceration of Ms Schapelle Corby for 20 years in a Bali Jail and the circumstances surrounding her trial.

Whether the young woman was guilty or not, the manner in which the trial was conducted, should have resulted in her immediate release with no conviction recorded against her name.

You would be aware that the defendant was denied the basic right of any court of law, anywhere in the world, to have the evidence tested - in this case, to establish the country in which it was grown.". If that turned out to be Bali it would have meant an automatic dismissal of the charge. Our previous Foreign Minister actually stated that it was possible that the drugs had been placed in her bag in Bali. We heard no further mention of that distinct possibility.

If DNA testing had found that the drugs were from Australia, further testing would have revealed the dna profile of anyone who had handled the product from their hair or dander samples in the package.

You are probably also aware that Ms Corby has a copy of her written statement requesting this testing be done along with fingerprinting of the original plastic bag. Yet these requests were denied by the court and the prosecution.

The AFP was told by the Bali Police that their help was not required. The AFP should have insisted on testing the drugs as an Australian citizen had been accused of exporting drugs from Australia to Indonesia. This would have been a trans national crime requiring a full investigation to establish the complete details. That was never done.

There are many eminent Australian jurors who have declared that Corby would not have been convicted in any court in Australia on the evidence used and the refusal by both the court and the prosecutor to allow DNA and fingerprint testing.

Before this case is brought before the United Nations Human Rights Committee, we urge you to work on a diplomatic solution to bring Ms Corby home a free woman instead of suffering the indignity of existing in the squalor of a third world prison, with no hope of ever becoming a mother and seeing her own children playing happily around her home.

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