Help Buster Foundation and Monroe SPCA Save The Pit Bulls From Dog Fighting Bust

The Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, Michael Brown has gotten a  motion to have the fate of the remaining dogs from the Monroe County Dog fighting bust, go back to district court.  The Buster Foundation must go back to district court to fight for the custody of these dogs.  They have all been temperament tested and passed with flying colors according to five of their expert witnesses.  The Buster Foundation and the Monroe SPCA lost this battle in court, these victims will be sentenced to death according to Judge Vitale.  The verdict is in and the Buster Foundation and Monroe ASPCA will appeal.  3 out of 4 dogs were ordered euthanized because the judge decided to listen to one expert for the prosecution by the name of Katherine Houpt who stated the dogs were not fit for adoption.  Yet video of the testing clearly shows they did pass with flying colors. 
The news stories:
 Police raid dogfighting, gambling operation in Monroe County  3/6/11  2 Michigan men arraigned on dogfighting charges  3/7/11  2 dogfight suspects appear in court  3/8/11  24 more suspects arraigned in Monroe County dogfighting case  3/9/11  Stamp out dogfighting 3/9/11  Bust shows dogfighting can be anywhere  3/13/11 Begin the MSPCA involvement, which brought in The Buster Foundation...  Animal-rights group gets week to devise plan for canines' care  4/28/11, 2:13am  Judge: Animal-rights group can evaluate pit bulls seized during Monroe Co. dog-fighting raid  5/6/11, 2:36pm  Injured dogs turned over to rescue groups  5/9/11, 8:47pm  Group schedule update on dogs in seized raid  5/17/11, 12:30am  Private animal organizations to temporarily keep 'pit bulls' seized in Michigan dog-fighting case  5/18/11, 12:10pm  Judge delays move of seized 'pit bulls' in Monroe County  5/18/11, 9:50pm
We disagree with Judge Vitale decision to euthanize the three dogs, Monroe, Dusty and Reilly.  Five expert witnesses stated the dogs were balanced and adjusted enough for adoption. 
The Buster Foundation or The Monroe SPCA would never adopt out a "Dangerous Dog"  The dogs found on this property after the bust, did not appear to have been fought.  There was no signs of physical scarring or fresh wounds found on the dogs in questions, which would indicate if the dogs in question were used for fighting or bait dogs.  None of the dogs has shown any aggressive behavior towards humans and have passed all temperament testing thus far.  Nor does any of the animal experts thus far know who's off spring they are. 

Both the Monroe County SPCA and The Buster Foundation have had several outstanding years in the animal sector and are vastly experienced in the Pit Bull breed.  Joanie, from The Buster Foundation is not only a rescue for Pit Bulls, with over 18 years experience.  She is also an aducator of the breed.  She does not believe in adopting out animals that are unbalanced in any way, shape or form.  She cares about public safety and educates owners of the breed as to having a well balanced Pit Bull.

All dogs seized during a raid of any kind, deserve the right to be judged individually for good temperament and considered for adoption.  The perfect example for this situation would be the Michael Vick case.  Out of 48 dogs tested on his property, only one was found to be human aggressive and needed to be put down.  Many have been adopted into loving homes and some have even earned their Canine Good Citizenship.  Some are even used as therapy dogs today.  These dogs were used for fighting, unlike the dogs in the Monroe County case.  Despite the fact that Michael Vicks dogs were fought, they were still able to be rehabilitated and brought back to society being good canine citizens.  Dusty, Monroe and Reilly all have the potential to be become therapy dogs themselves.  Give them the chance to prove it!  

The true victim of this crime here is the animals that were used and abused in this case.  Yet we punish the victim to death and allow the abuser a smack on the hand and set free.  How does any of this make sense?  In humans, a victim would not be sentenced to death so why in the world do we sentence a canine victim to that? 

We strongly urge you to consider allowing these animals to stay in the care of The Buster Foundation to be further evaluated and place up for adoption if deemed suitable for such.  A true Pit Bull advocate would never allow their love for the breed to over rule the safety of the public. 
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