Help Forestall Civilian Death in CIA Strikes

The CIA currently controls a program which utilizes drones - unmanned planes - to target and bomb specific areas in the Middle East in an attempt to destroy members of the Taliban.  While the program does seem to have frightened Taliban insurgents and left them with few safe areas, the program is far too secretive.  Other government organizations as well as the American people simply do not have enough information, and the program may be killing some dozens of innocent, uninvolved civilians.

The CIA needs to let the rest of us know what's going on - for the safety of all innocents.  Please sign this petition urging them to open the program to scrutiny by the rest of the government, and possibly turn the program over to the military.

If you wish to find out more, you can visit my sharebook and read the article I have written there, or go to,0,6430644.story

to read the article that inspired this petition.  Thank you.
To Whom It May Concern,

A recent article in the Los Angeles Times describes the CIA's use of "targeted killings" by sending out drones to kill important members of Al Qaeda and other terrorists.  These targeted killing strikes have occurred in Pakistan, where it is understood that many of the Sept. 11 attackers are believed to be, but they have also occurred in other countries with much less involvement, such as Yemen and Somalia.  Precautions may be taken to avoid civilian deaths, but for the past two years strikes in Pakistan have increased to an average of two a week.  Sometimes there is little information about the individuals targeted

Because of the secrecy of the program, it is difficult to know whether or not civilians are being sufficiently protected, or if the targeted individuals are truly dangerous.  A recent U.S. military report mentioned drone pilot errors that resulted in the death of up to 23 Afghan civilans this year.  More information needs to be disclosed about the program and its targets, and possibly work with - or turn the program over to - the U.S. military to allow for greater scrutinization.  The current program simply does not have enough accountability.  In order to be certain of civilian protection, the program must be monitored more closely and understood by more people.

Please consider the safety of innocents and work to allow others better access to the drone program.

Thank you.
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