Help Make Puppy Mills Illegal

Have you ever wondered where pet stores get their puppies?
They get them from puppy mills. These mills are usually crowded, filthy, diseased and dangerous. Cages stacked on top of each other, dogs lying in their own filth, cramped for room, mother dogs trying desperately to nurse her pups with substandard food.
The mothers are bred every heat and when she can breed no more, she is destroyed.

This would describe most puppy mills. But there are a few who live up to the law.
However, these animals are not pets, they are money making machines.

Pups are taken from their mothers as soon as they can survive on their own, shipped to pet stores, many die on the way there from cramped conditions.

Puppy mill owners do not care for the well-being the the pups, only about how much money they can get their grubby hands on.

Same goes for backyard breeders who breed and breed their pet until their pet can breed no more, all for money. Often selling pups at outrageous prices, and leaving dogs with numerous health problems.

Petland is the biggest puppy mill supporting pet store in the nation. If  you live near one, do not buy from them.

Please take the time and read over how you can avoid buying from a puppy mill until we eventually get them abolished:

Never ever buy a pet from a pet store. That fuels the fire and keeps the supply and demand circle going.

Demand that pet store owners cease selling animals or you will stop buying products from their store and will tell your friend to stop also.

While there are some reputable breeders out there, there is no need for countless puppy mills and backyard breeders. Especially when so many good animals are in shelters and are being put to death.
Adopt pets from shelters!
We, the undersigned,  would like you to pass a bill making puppy and kitten mills illegal.
As you know, animals raised in the conditions of these mills are rarely treated right and are often raised with health problems.

Making these mills illegal may not abolish them completely, but we are asking you to help us and the animals stop this.
Stand up for what is right, as we have, and make mills and backyard breeders illegal, helping hundreds out thousands of pets live happier, healthier lives.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy day.
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