Enforce Animal Birth Control!!

The companion animal population of the United States is a problem of HUGE proportions. The number of unwanted animals in our nation is astounding. A pet "overpopulation" is defined as far more dogs and cats, puppies and kittens, than there are available, loving homes for them. "Approximately six to eight million dogs and cats will be taken to animal shelters in the United States this year (HelpingAnimals.com)." The majority of these animals will face death by euthanization due to the  overcrowding. Those not in shelters who are considered the homeless and stray, will face starvation, getting hit by cars, freezing to death, or dying from disease.


It is our responsibilty to recognize that our pet population is reaching staggering heights. It is a real and dangerous situation for these animals. We need to address it and get others, especially goverment officials, to make the necessary changes that will enable our states to resolve this issue. 
Companion animal overpopulation is recognized as one of the major concerns in the animal welfare front. We need to begin to vigorously promote the spaying and neutering of these creatures so that we can eventually alleviate this crisis and end their unneccesary deaths. "Just one unaltered female cat and her offspring can produce an estimated 420,000 cats in only seven years. In six years, a female dog and her offspring can produce 67,000 puppies (HelpingAnimals.com)".
Overpopulation is a result of negligence due to the ignorance and indifference of owners who do not ensure their pets are properly neutered or spayed. Because of this, dogs and cats are roaming the streets and filling our shelters. These individuals need to be educated on the importance of their responsibility to spay/neuter their animal. Before purchasing a new pet, they should consider their financial situation which is part of the awareness that needs to be addressed here.
-Unwanted litters are a HUGE contribution to the staggering number of kittens and puppies who are left without proper housing and care and in turn, are put to death. Their fate might involve being "shot, poisoned, tortured, mutilated, fought, used as bait animals, set on fire, starved, hanged, stabbed, dragged behind vehicles, bludgeoned, or beaten (Helpinganimals.com)."
Pet overpopulation results from the breeding industry as well. We must fight against the puppy mills who force female dogs to reproduce over and over again while keeping them in the most horrifying conditions! They then proceed to sell these puppies to pet stores across America.
If you sign this petition you are acknowledging your personal awareness of the pet overpopulation crisis in America. We are looking to inform others of this issue and demand the actions that need to be taken in order to eliminate pet overpopulation. We need to educate the many individuals in the proper care of their companion animals which includes the sufficient funds and necessary actions to be taken that will prevent unwanted litters.

The GOALS and MISSION of this petition are the following:
-First and foremost, we are looking to create awareness in the community and then to push the defintion and education of a responsible owner.
-We want to create control measures within the states that will reduce the pet population. The most important thing we can do to end the killing is neutering and spaying these animals. Every animal that is neutered or spayed prevents the birth of thousands more.  If we mandate that this procedure is a neccessity, it will reduce the number of individuals looking to own a cute puppy or kitten but refuse to take on the responsibility to pay for anything else than what they consider the animal needs to survive, like food and shelter. If the procedure is made mandatory, then it should also be made more affordable and accessible.
-We want to promote microchipping in dogs and cats alike to ensure safe return if they are lost. This is so they do not permanently become part of the homeless population. Proper identification tags will be mandated for the same reason.
-We want to fight the cruel industries that profit from selling animals while millions more die because of a lack of homes. Puppy mills and pet stores profit from this excessive breeding while they keep the animals in horrific conditions. For every animal sold at a pet store or purchased from a breeder, hundreds more die at shelters. If puppy mills are shut down, the animal population will plummet.
-And last but not least, we need to promote the adoption of dogs and cats, kittens and puppies. This will eliminate the euthanization numbers by workers or volunteers who are forced to adhere to the procedure due to overcrowding.

*By signing this petition, you will become one of 5,000 STRONG against PET OVERPOPULATION!!*

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