Help Stop DCS The Baby Stealers from removing children from their homes that do not need to be !!!

  • by: Myself
  • target:  To Show DCS the Innocent Families Will & are taking a stand...
I Would like to start this petition to show DCS that the families they are stealing children from who do not need to removed from their families and DCS placing them in the homes where they are getting abused...By Not Following their Department of DCS Standards they are suppose to follow in doing investigations correctly, which in many homes and states they are not following these Standards....To Show DCS that these families who have thier children removed unlawfuly WE ARE AND WILL TAKE A STAND AGAINST YOU!!!!  To let DCS understand they need to do their jobs correctly and worry more about those innocent children who are being abused, molested, and in homes where they are making drugs, where DCS goes in and leaves those innocent children there, Now to me that seems a little backwards. DCS YOU NEED TO FOLLOW YOUR STANDARDS OF PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE AS WELL AS LISTEN TO THOSE LITTLE VOICES NO MATTER WHAT AGE THEY ARE THEY ARE NOT GONNA LIE....AND THEY WILL TELL YOU WHO THEY WOULD RATHER BE WITH, YOU AND NOBODY ELSE KNOWS HOW ONE FEELS  SO DON'T ASSUME YOU KNOW BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT IN THE CHILD'S HEART, MIND, SPIRIT NOR THEIR CHEST, GET A REAL CLUE AND LISTEN TO THOSE LITTLEST VOICES YOU FAIL TO HEAR AND LISTEN TO...
Helping Families fight against DCS & CPS, Who are not doing their jobs correctly and taking innocent children from their homes where it is not needed and placing them in homes where they are getting abused and etc. To Help fight for those innocent children who are getting left in homes where they are being abused and molested and in homes where they are making drugs, Please help thes families and the Innocent children who can't fight for themselves..... As for those who Sign this Petition Please sign it for the right reasons, I have read some of the comments. DCS Workers are not doing the right things and alot of you are right, They actually have DCS Standards that they are to abide by....DCS WORKERS DO YOUR JOB AND FOLLOW THOSE STANDARDS.....Investigate a little better then what you do and most of all listen to those little voices that you think does not understand children are a lot smarter today then we ever was LISTEN TO THEM, CHILDREN DON'T LIE NO MATTER WHAT AGE THEY ARE.......
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