Help Stop DFS from seperating innocent famlies!

On october 23, 2007, without warning, or a warrant, and based on false allegations of child abuse, DFS went to my boys schools and took them.  We didn't even know that they had been taken until two hours after they were supposed to be home from school. The officer who took my children even had the odasity to tell me to have a nice day!
My husband and I were charged with neglect and physical abuse of a child, none of which is true. My husband and I are honest law abiding people who love our children and work very hard to provide them with a safe nuturing environment. We would never ever hurt or mistreat them in anyway what so ever. My boys were badgerd brainwashed and coursed into saying things that arent true. They were sent to doctors and phyciatrists, one of which diagnosed my youngest son with ADHD and put him on adderall. My boys have been so abused and mistreated by the system that they dont know who to listen to or believe.  This is so wrong.
I have done everything asked of me by these people yet they continue to make exsuses as to why I cannot have my children back. They are even trying to make it so I cant even get visitations with them after I was promised unsupervised visitations.
My marriage is introuble as well and may end up in divorce. My husband refuses to even try to work with DFS because it seems to get us no where.
Sadly, this nightmare isn't just happening to us. Innocent famlies all over America are being torn apart by false allegations of abuse. All in the name of the almighty dollar. You see the longer DFS keeps your children the more money the get in their pockets to take care of them. If they manage to sever the bond between parent and child then they actually get rewards and bonuses for adopting them out!
Mean while they are putting the parent through all kinds of meaningless programs and making them empty promises all to string out the process so they can get their hands on your child permantly!  You as the parent have no rights and they can do whatever they want to your child and get away with it.
I think its outrageous that this is going on unchecked right here in our own country and noone is doing anything to stop it. Every year DFS gets hundreds of cases. Of those cases over half of them are based on false allegations. As a result children that really are being abused are suffering because DFS is too busy harrassing innocent famlies.  The problem is that agencies such as DFS, Police Departments, and School officials are all blanketed by immunity. This means that they can do whatever they want to you and your family and get away with it! I think its time that something was done about this. Alone I can do nothing but if we stand as one and let all our voices be heard then we can make a difference. Please take the time to sign this petition and let your voice be heard. Help me to bring my children home where they belong, and protect the future of our childrens children. Lets make it so that not one more innocent family is torn apart and not one more child that really is being abused falls through the cracks. Thank you

To whome it may concern,
We the undersigned are asking you to concider this petition to change the laws to make it so that agencies such as DFS, Police Departments, and School officials can finally be held responsible for the pain and suffering that they cause innocent people. There are so many innocent families suffering in America today because of the carelessness, and neglect of these agencies, and we are asking for help. Please take this petition into concideration and help those who are suffering now gain justice over the injust. Thank you.
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