Help Stop Slaughtering of Strays in Kiev before Euro-2012

%uFFFDEuro 2012 will be washed with blood of innocent animals%uFFFD, - under such a motto many participants will memorize this event in Ukraine.
Historically, hosting the Cup of UEFA final is a very honored and important mission. European countries fight for the right to host the Cup final. Having received such a right, Europeans conduct one of the major events in sporting and cultural life of their own country and Europe in general at the highest possible level. Alongside with the preparation for this important event in Ukraine, the programme of cleaning the city from animals, which appeared in the streets through our fault, has started as well.
For many successive years our authorities with the connivance of the population were cruelly killing the indigent animals, from mass persecution and game shooting to cheaper and crueler methods. Animals were perishing in dozen thousands and our glorious city was dotted with their dead bodies. However, these "measures" did not bring the desirable result %u2013 the number of homeless animals did not decreased, and people did not become happier and richer.
At the end of 2007 zoo defenders seemed to have torn this vicious circle: the City Programme was accepted on humane ways of adjusting the quantity of homeless animals through sterilization. Cruel murders of animals sank into oblivion outside and inside the walls of the concentration camp, known as %uFFFDShelter%uFFFD in Borodyanka. However, a year later it became clear, that it was just another verbal bravado of our city officials and nobody was going to finance the Programme, and what is more, nobody was interested in solving the problem in the future. For the authorities it is much easier and more profitable to go back to the barbarian methods of elimination, trying to conceal them with the help of euthanasia.
Such actions of the authorities are back again: for a few months in succession the wave of mass poisoning of homeless dogs has been spreading in Kiev, poisoning without any reason, including the sterilized and those adequate animals, which are being patronized by guardians and volunteers, who  invest their money and time into these animals. In addition, at the beginning of 2009 the city authorities rejected the places for free post-sterilization period initiated by volunteers, thus throwing the solution to the problem back to zero. The capital of Ukraine is turning into the bulwark of cruelty: the Programme on reducing the quantity of animals through sterilization accepted at legislative level and corresponding to the principles of humanity is not working currently, and does not characterize us as the country, indeed aspiring into European Union.

What is going on currently, contradicts European Convention about Rights for animals and moral principles of any judicious man and humane democratic society, and abandons a bloody spot on reputation of the Ukrainian nation. The Programme which secretly allows shooting off innocent animals might allow quick cleaning of the city today, but will not solve the problem of homeless animals in the future.
Kiev authorities complain, that they do not have any budget on realization of the humane chart but at the same time it is possible for them to conduct the systematic public opinion through mass-media, such as publications in newspapers and discussions on television, which distort the real picture of what is going on, causing the negative attitude toward homeless animals, - in fact, it is one of the ways to legalize mass murders.

We will no longer allow the authorities:

To kill thousands of innocent animals and openly earn money thereon;

To cultivate in our morally sick society malice, hatred and to promote murder;

To trample down constitutional rights for life without sufferings;

To aggravate the existing negative image of Ukraine in the world which views us as the country of barbarians, flourishing corruption and disorderly, destructively intellectual officials who can carry out nothing useful but are only able to destroy.

We are addressing everyone, who cares about innocent creatures, who is ready to openly declare his/her position AGAINST CRUELTY and MASS MURDER of HOMELESS ANIMALS, with a request to sign this open letter.
We desperately need an international support!
We will say STOP to illegal murder of innocent animals!

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