Help America's Disabled get the benefits they deserve and have worked For !

Each year there are thousands of Americans who legitimately apply for Disability Benefits who are denied and end up going through a process of appeals which can take "Years".  According to a recent study the average application that is denied in the initial process takes 2.5 yrs before any form of help is received.
Recently while reading some of the horror stories at the "Coalition for the Disabled" site there were individuals with legitimate claims that had been waiting as long as 5 yrs and some written by relatives who had lost their loved ones during the waiting process.  This even though the cases had been taken over by Attorneys rather than trying to make it on their own.  Several that are trying to do it on their own are in their 4th and 5th yr and in the process have lost everything in terms of homes, vehicles, etc. and have been denied State benefits due to lack of approval by the Administration.
  Please, contact your local Congressman or Senator and ask them to help in getting laws passed which streamline this process or at the very least approve help for those applying while they wait.   We hope that by sending a petition with a massive amount of signatures to the Administration itself it will GRAB their attention enough to make some of these changes on their own and with the help of HONEST, CONCERNED, AND KNOWLEDGEABLE Congressmen and Senators  bring these changes   in  as  Law.
We the undersigned,

Ask you "Please", there are thousands of Americans each year who apply for benefits and if denied on their first application must go through subsequent appeals that take approximately 18 months before notice of approval or denial is received.
Even those who obtain Attorneys go through this process and at times the length of time prior to receiving benefits of any kind can take as many as 2-3 years.
These are individuals with real illness's and or disabilities which have occurred through no fault of their own.
While it is true that some who apply do not warrant these benefits there must be some way to streamline the process so that benefits are awarded earlier to those with legitimate claims. Or at the very least SSI could start so that these individuals can maintain their obligations, obtain medications and medical assistance while waiting for action on their appeals.
Many individuals lose homes etc. as each State is different and the norm is for little to no help across the board unless some form of approval from the Administration is obtained and of course that doesn't happen until the entire case is approved.
Please consider this most reasonable request and help these deserving individuals who suffer needlessly.

Thank You for taking the time to read our request.
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