Help us provide national legislation for, Bouncer Training, Licensing, and Felony Background Checks

 Steve Kitchell fighting the city of Jenks to keep his clubs open. This man always gets his way.. If he get into trouble he files bankruptcy and reopens under a new name. Artical under archive only..


We are so proud of the City of Jenks Oklahoma. They did it.. Jenks is where Scott attended Flight School. We are keeping the faith that Oklahoma State will follow. Artical under archive only..


Ongoing Bouncer Abuse: provide for licensing and training to prevent loss of life. 

If you want me to respond to you personally send me an email, I do not have access to your personal information. Thank you all for your support. Debbie and Mark Henry

We are asking for your help, this is not just a city or state problem it is a national problem. Our son Nelson Scott Bolton age 23 was murdered on Sept. 11th 2004.

Sadly ours is not an unusual story. Scott was attending college in Tulsa Oklahoma. He was followed by a pack of six men, while leaving a club, four of them were bouncers from a Tulsa Club. Scott was attempting to take an intoxicated friend home, Scott was sober. Although this all was all caught on tape his murderer was set free. This club district has a twenty-plus year history of aggressive violence and death. These clubs have the proven power to stop the passage of laws to protect the citizens from these violent acts. There are only a few states/cities that have laws regarding Bouncers. The number is increasing as the death numbers rise. It is for the most part left up to the clubs to hire and instruct their employees. Most clubs have no incentive to do the right thing. They will hire the most aggressive, with no thought of criminal backgrounds, basic training, or a history of mental health. Their main concern is money.

Oklahoma Senator Mary Easley presented state Bill SB23 regarding a state law governing training and background checks of Security Guards and Bouncers. This law would have been a great help to the police department when investigating an assault or murder involving a club. Although we started this petition late, the session was Feb. 5th 07 we felt any amount of signatures would have shown the senate that we are fed up with criminals regulating state laws and getting away with murder. It is not important where you live, as I stated this is a national issue. It is important that our elected officials know that we want our children safe. Senator Easley presented the bill two years 2006 and 2007. The first time it lost by two votes and the last year it lost by one single vote.

We are currently working for support and to make this a priority especially in college cities. Although Senator Easley tried again in 2010 she was not even allowed to present her bill.

If we can get this passed in Oklahoma we can move forward to other states, and set a national standard. 
You would not hire a baby sitter with a violent documented history. When we send our children to college someone else decides who is watching over them. Who do you want that to be?

Anyone that has ideas please email me.
We have worked toward this goal since 2004 and have tried many ways to get the attention of our politicians. We will not give up. 
We need web site ideas, lecture ideas, a way to reach college students. 
Reading the signatures breaks my heart. This is a national problem and is costing lives all help  is appreciated. Thank you all so very much.

Debbie and Mark Henry (Scott Bolton's Parents ) 

The entire nightmare was covered by (Tulsa World Newspaper). (Channel 6 News Tulsa), and (Channel 2 News Tulsa.) You can find the stories there.

For even more information google: Scott Bolton Tulsa Oklahoma News.

For the Tulsa Club Violent History: ( Club assaults raise concerns)By: Ziva Branstetter

March 2007

This is to advise all that are concerned that on March 2nd, 2007 after 11 hours of deliberation Jason Nicholson was found NOT GUILTY of the murder of our son Nelson Scott Bolton.  Although we stand by the jury's decision we strongly disagree. After two weeks of testimony we feel we now know the truth of what happened in that garage. There was overwhelming evidence, the DA's office gave 100 percent and we applaud Tulsa DA, Tim Harris and his office. This verdict makes SB23 all the more important. These people have got to be stopped.


Letter to the Oklahoma Senate :

Bouncer provide for licensing and training: 
Unless you have experienced the unlawful and violent death of a loved one you will never understand our pain. As Scott Bolton's family and friends we want nothing more than to prevent this type of tragedy from happening to another family.  
We as Americans seem to care more about the type of car we drive, the size of our house, and the dollar amount in our bank account. We are unwilling to share our wealth and time to protect the innocent

Societies priorities are wrong.
As parents, we want these three things for our children.
a good education, good healthcare, and to be protected. Society is willing to pay for healthcare, but it is not willing to pay for teachers, firemen, and law enforcement.
Until we get it straight, things like schools and the judicial system will
always be at the last to receive what they need.

As Americans we must set our standards higher.Remember the loss of others; it could someday be your family member.

Help create a safe future for our children.Help us fight to change laws that protect criminals we need to start protecting the innocent. Victims have no voice!

We will contact our congressmen, senators, local council members and city mayors.

Demand safe streets. Allow law enforcement to complete their jobs.

We need more judges, and time effective murder trials. 

Place fear of punishment in the minds of criminals, instead of pain in the hearts of survivors.

Help us change our laws. We need new bills not new graves.


Mark and Debbie Henry

Scott Bolton's Parents and Friends

Tulsa 2004 Murder Victim
We need you to make a difference. Vote for Bouncer Regulations.



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