Helping Citizens whos wives & husbands have been deported to Mexico

I have seen so many illegal immagrates get deported after applying for citizenship to Mexico.  So here they are trying to do whats right and become a tax paying citizen but yet want to better them selves in the USA, have the American Dream.
Our States have recognized them as a married person in the USA to a legal citizen and even in many cases have children whom are citizens.  So why is it that they get deported and have to move there whole family to Mexico.  We all know that we have better opportunities in the USA so is it fair for us to make other citizens and their parent or spouse move to Mexico so they are not seperated. 
Help me to support them and to let the US government know that this is not right.  That they should be allowed to apply and get granted immediate citizenship if they haven't had any legal problems and are married or a parent to another US citizen.  Or at the very least, allow them a temporary waiting time where they can live in the USA until that citizenship is granted.
1. Wendy Williams, Boone IA
2. Toby Williams, Boone IA

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